Friday, February 17, 2006

Church Hires Law Firm To Find Legal Way To Discriminate

Yesterday's GLOBE reported that the Catholic Church of Massachusetts is hiring a law firm to sue the state so that the Catholic Church can discriminate however it wishes. In this specific case the law firm will explore legal and political strategies for opting out of gay adoptions. It must be because same sex couples are taking away so many children from needy heterosexual couples. Oh, and how is the church going to pay for the law firm that is going to explore ways for the Catholic Church to discriminate? Well today's Globe explains that:
Representatives of the archdiocese and Catholic Charities said on Thursday that funds to pay for the legal strategy were coming from Catholic Charities budget, which surprised some board members.
How interesting, money that people gave to the Catholic Charities to fund "basic needs" is now going to lawyers to find ways to discriminate:
Catholic Charities provides basic needs services to more than 150,000 people each year. These services include food and fuel assistance, which is of greater concern this year than ever before. Visit our basic needs services page to find but what Catholic Charities is doing in your community and how you can help....
The same church that is using money from a charity to fund lawyers to find ways to discriminate also said:

Well, it must be that there is an overwhelming majoring of same sex couples taking children away from the needy heterosexual couples. Survey says:

Of the 720 adoptions that group has completed in the past 20 years, only 13 have gone to same-sex couples. Those adopted were all foster children who were considered hard to place because they had special needs or were older.

Or less than 2% of all the adoptions for the past 20 years!

Maybe the church just thinks that children who are old and/or have special needs don't deserve families or are "inherently evil". It sounds like the church should not be in the adoption business period. Funny all this is announced right after the bill requiring churches to disclose their finances is defeated. What else is the Church trying to hide now and who will they sue to discriminate against next?

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Anonymous said...

How about we ask the adopotian agency wether they would discrimininate if the aryan nations told them too.