Saturday, February 4, 2006

Out, damned spot! out, I say!

How glorious, Ms. Massresistance is now ranting because of the hate crime in New Bedford.

Yes, it was the vicious act of one degenerate. But no, "opinion" has no role to play here! Use of that word implies that people who hold opinions critical of special rights for homosexuals are indeed dangerous, but they just don't happen to live in New Bedford!
That's right, they live in Acton and Newton and even Little ole Provincetown. She tries to wash the blood off her hands by once again playing the victim (a part she loves to play) and asks:

What does the political and moral argument over "gay marriage" have to do with some crazy guy's meltdown?
Why? Well, because people like her are constantly verbally attacking gays and lesbians. Calling us depraved, perverted and abnormal. Funny how they are always blaming us for the breakdown of the family or the Iraq War (well Brian Camenker did say he could link it to gays getting married if he had enough time) yet they try and distance themselves from an action that could possibly be linked directly to them. As Bay Windows reported just yesterday:
"This bill is viciously undemocratic. Our founding fathers would have taken up arms because of this," said Lexington parent David Parker, who made headlines last April for refusing to leave school grounds after he demanded that his son be opted out of any discussion in his kindergarten class on LGBT topics, including discussions of families with gay parents.
Well David, have no fear. You don't need the founding fathers because this boy is carrying out your wishes. He has taken up arms against the gay community.

I don't know how plain it has to be. He went into a gay bar, asked if it was a gay bar and started swinging an ax and shooting a gun. What more do you need? Yeah he was an anti-Semite and anti- African American but did he go into synagogue and start shooting? No, he went into a GAY bar. This young man was not born prejudice, where did he learn it? Where did he learn to hate Jews and African Americans? Where did he learn that gay people were sub-human and should be shot to death? Who is responsible for his behavior? Is it any wonder that attacks on gays and lesbians has risen since 2003? What group is verbally bashed more in the newspapers, online and even in the State of the Union address? If you guessed Judaism or people of color you're wrong.


Chris said...

This is exactly it! Same with Mass Family Institute. They have blood of their hands. The real question is what will we in the gay community do now. We need to fight against the homophobia being spread by these organizations. We need to call them on their dangerous propoganda.

Anonymous said...

I must be reading different data from your blog's link to statistics on hate crimes. I see an overall trend since 1997 where hate crimes in Mass have been cut in less than half. THe decline is steady. 2003, which you site, was very low, could be due to the bad winter we had, who knows.

But people in Mass have come a long way in acceptance of the g/l/t lifestyle. You need to accentuate the positive, not continually point out the negative and name call and label.That is McCarthism. Take the high road!

something like..." The events in New Bedford are tragic, and reinforce the need to continue our efforts. We have made great progress over the past decade. Our work will not be done until the number of hate crimes is zero in Mass. Senseless acts like those comiited by the coward in New Bedford will not deter our mission"