Thursday, February 2, 2006

Why Do We Need a Hate Crime Law?

A MAN WALKED INTO A BAR, asked if it was a GAY bar and then started swinging an ax and shooting. Do you think Article 8/Massresistance will start defending this guy? It was only yesterday that Ms. Massresistance was pointing out that in France someone was fined for Hate speech and to her THAT was a crime. Ok, Ms. Massresistance, this teenager (who probably didn't have health in high school because Article 8 got that removed from the curriculum) attacked numerous people without being provoked.

Maybe the guy was on Massresistance's website and read the following:

So what do you think someone who is not in their right frame of mind would think if they read their websites? Public Enemy #1? Perverted? Abnormal? Yet they claim to not incite violence.


Anonymous said...

If only the New Bedford Bar had one of those "Safe Space" posters, the trajedy could have been averted.

Anonymous said...

If you ever wonder who supports Massresistance and Article 8, look at the first anonymous poster. If there weren't homophobes who shoot gay people for no reason there would be no need for posters in the first place. This sickens me. I bet you can find out who wrote too.

Anonymous said...

I was merely poiting out that the poster in and of itself does nothing, in fact it may lull gays/les/trans into a false sense of security. Posting a message does nothing to heighten security, in fact it may alert nut jobs like the one in New Bedofrd of the presence of potential victims.

Crimes of the nature in New Bedford are dispicable and cannot be tolerated.

Strength comes from within not from a catch phrase.

This site is was too quick to judge!

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? You're trying to compare a poster in a school where every child should be safe with a barroom? No one ever suggested posting a "Safe Space" poster in a bar. Kids are required to go to school and should be safe. There is no comparison between the two.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 is completely off base. This is not a case of the site being "too quick to judge." Your statement was and is offensive.

As a gay kid (or just an effeminate boy or butch girl) in high-school you get picked on mercilessly. Many of my friends were beaten up.

Having a "safe space" would have been a wonderful thing. I was lucky to have a gay friendly debate coach. Other of my firends went to the band room to "hide out."

High school is difficult to begin with. It's very important to have an environment where kids can feel safe. The poster is an indication of that.

Anonymous said...

You guys continue to make my point. Feeling safe is quite different than being safe. The safety of all students (and bar patrons) is not guaranteed.

I imagine that the day before the Columbine tragedy occured the students felt safe. Indeed the entire nation felt much safer prior to 9-11.And the bar patrons at Puzzles prior to that butchery.

Why would the "safe space" poster be more or less effective in a bar than in a school??????

You guys need to lighten up and take another's point of view without trying to make it sound like I am anti-gay. Geeze!

This site offers little in the way of promoting acceptance of gay lifestyles, it only reacts to "anti-gay" sites by insult.

In fact this site not more than a month ago poked fun at someone's campaign "thermometer" poster being urine colored. I did not poke fun at the "safe space" poster, I pointed out that it, in and of itself, does not make one safe. And I am sure more than one of you on this blog chimed in.

BTW: I was just playing off Boston Bud's "humor" on the New Bedford incident when he wrote (in bold) "a man walks into a bar" did anyone find that funny???? Was that supposed to be a joke?

Anonymous said...

The "Safe Space" posters are meaningless because at any time a meteorite could come hurling into the classroom, killing everyone.

There, aren't I witty and insightful?

Anonymous said...

Not so witty, apparently you do not know the difference between a meteoroid and a asteroid.

Anonymous said...

The best part about the Article8 lurkers is they refuse to own their own shit.

Did anybody else in the world think BostonBud was trying to be funny?

Does anybody outside of Article8 find the comment regarding the poster remotely humorous?

Now, the fact that 90% of the men hanging out looking for sex at Lobo's in Austin (and dirty bookstores across the world) are married, *that's* funny.

Anonymous said...

Is lobo's a gay bar?