Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Stories You Won't Read on Massresistance

Massresistance and Article 8 are always so quick to point at any story in the paper and blame it on gay and lesbian people but they shy away from any story that includes heterosexuals and sex. I'm always amazed at how much they focus on us when they claim we're only 1% or so of the population. You'd think they'd spend their efforts on helping the other 99% (their estimates)of the population. So here are some more stories you won't read on either Massresistance or Article 8:

Once again, I'm not saying that ALL heterosexuals are bad people, of course their are exceptions to the rule. However, if one was to use Massresistance & Article 8's logic, heterosexuals should not be allowed to have children nor care for them. Additionally, from these stories (and there are much more out there) they are obsessed with sex and violence.


Mass Marrier said...

The oft-asserted anti-SSM, anti-gay adoption mantra is that is that two straight parents are always best. Certainly the percentages of those groups who abuse their kids -- physically, sexuallly, emotionally -- is much higher than with gay singles or couples. In study after study, we see figures show that.

I know the Dark Side will choose only studies that support their prejudices. When there aren't any of those, they can always fall back on "it's only common sense," otherwise known as "because I said so."

They must brush off the straight abusers as aberrations.

End rant.

Anonymous said...

I think it's more than that. Not only do they lie about inconvenient facts (e.g. rep[eatedly referring to Amy Contrada as an Article 8 "volunteer" when she's one of their primary public voices), they actively edit articles to remove anything which might damage their "point."

For example, in Amy Contrada's article about the rise of a rare strain of Chlamydia, she reprints 80% of the orginal article, but removes this "inconvenient" paragraph:

Called LGV chlamydia, this sexually transmitted disease has caused a worrisome outbreak in Europe, where some countries have confirmed dozens of cases. Diagnoses confirmed by U.S. health officials still are low, just 27 since they warned a year ago that the strain was headed here.

and this one:

Because testing is difficult, no one knows how prevalent LGV truly is. In a surprise finding last fall, Dutch scientists tested some tissue samples stored in San Francisco since the 1980s, and found evidence that today's LGV strain had gone unrecognized at the time. So has it been simmering here all along, or is it on the rise?

There's a word for people who do this sort of thing...


Anonymous said...

Or the fact that women have been carriers of clamydia for decades and just like any other virus or disease it usually carries over to the other sex.