Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Still More Stories You Won't Read

on Article 8 or Massresistance:

Once again, I'm not saying that all heterosexuals are bad....wink wink.

If you're a first time reader you might think that I am heterophobic (is that a word?). Alas, I'm just doing what the anti-gay people like Article 8, Massresistance, AFA, FRC, etc... do, posting outrageous articles and trying to stereotype a whole group of people from some wild stories. While the stories are true I would never purport to blame all heterosexuals for the actions of a few.


Anonymous said...

You are so right. I am hetero and really enjoy Article 8 and MassResistance. They are much better than the Daily Show on Comedy Central. I especially like the recordings of the weekend radio show where Brian and Amy "from Article 8" discuss all the "chilling" news from the gay world. It really is "Creepy stuff" to hear that my marriage is threatened by you guys. The only time our marriage was threatened was when my wife co-signed the car loan for my deadbeat brother-in-law.

Anonymous said...

heteros are great. they are so ackward sometimes. but alas, some of my best friends are hetero. amy and brian wish they were hetero too. you can tell that they just hate being gay and in the closet.

Ryan Charisma said...

Well, some of my closest friends are breeders as well. While I don't mind their behavior; I certainly don't want to see breeders carrying on in public. It's simply gross. As for Brian and Amy's closet homosexuality. I fully encourage them to stay in. We don't want them.

Anonymous said...

Neither do we which presents a real problem. Lets just let them stay in the closet and we can both paddlock the door. Sort of a hetero-homo treaty. Only one thing - I want my brother-in-law in the closet with them.