Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Massachusetts Institute Against Gays

The editor of Bay Windows wrote a very poignant piece last week about the Massachusetts "Family" Institute (MFI). As an aside, I have always listed them with Family in quotes because MFI does not care about the family however, Susan Ryan-Vollmar has hit the nail on the head:

Honestly, what is the Massachusetts Family Institute doing for families in Massachusetts? If you click on the “Issues in Focus” link on the MFI website, you’ll get their 10 priorities for “strengthening the family”: dealing with child abuse, cohabitation, gambling, pornography, media violence, Internet safety and statutory rape; promoting marriage; strengthening parental rights; and fighting same-sex marriage. MFI, remarkably, manages to blame LGBT people as the cause — either directly or indirectly — of at least five of their issues: child abuse, cohabitation, pornography, strengthening parental rights and, of course, same-sex marriage. It’s remarkable that a political movement claiming to care about families and children spends more time and talent demonizing LGBT people than actually working for families and children.

Her last paragraph inspired me to change the link to them (and all future references to them):
There’s no question that families with children, particularly those at lower-income levels, need strong advocates working for them. Access to quality health care, child care and public education are crucial issues facing us all. Given what little work the Massachusetts Family Institute does in this regard, maybe they should change their name. The Massachusetts Institute Against Gays seems fitting.

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