Friday, April 27, 2007

The Prom is Ruined Because the Bisexual is Dancing with the Boys AND the Girls!

If you happened to read the Boston Globe today, you might have read the story about the Catholic school girl who wanted to bring a same sex date to the prom but was told no.

If this was the end of the story it would have been fine since the high school, after all, is part of a religious institution and by law can discriminate against anyone they want because they are exempt (because they are a religious institution and not accepting public funds). You would think that the people responsible for the school would issue a statement with something about Catholic teachings and beliefs about gay people, etc... But nooooooooooooooo! Instead we get some hack spouting ridiculousness:

Administrators say they have banned same-sex couples because they want the prom to remain traditional.

"We're not looking for trouble at our prom," George A. Milot, superintendent of schools in the Diocese of Fall River, said yesterday. "Having boys bring boys or girls bring girls opens the door to all kinds of scenarios that could lead to problems. We're not willing to open the door. We're sticking with tradition; we have enough problems as it is."

He insisted the diocesean schools are not discriminating against gays and lesbians.

Where to start...? Did you hear about the prom's theme? It's 007: Diamonds are Forever. You know, 007, James Bond, that ladies' man who, when he's not objectifying women, is an trained assassin. Ah, I get it now, they want it to remain THAT traditional where men are in charge and women know their place.

His response also got me wondering about what kind of trouble they were going to get with having one girl bring another girl to the prom? Are the students so tough in Catholic high school nowadays that the two women were going to jump on the tables and start destroying the place?

And then there's that comment about "Having boys bring boys ...could lead to problems. We're not willing to open the door." Open the door to what? Everyone being treated equal? Gay bashing? What problems?

A Catholic school is free to discriminate against anyone they want. It's legal as long as they are not taking state or federal money. All these made up excuses just highlight the blatant hatred of gay people they have. It may be legal but it's certainly not Christian like.


Rieux said...

Don't forget that the (second) "Bond girl" in Diamonds are Forever is the aptly named "Plenty O'Toole," a moniker that leads to the following introduction:


O'Toole: Hi! I'm Plenty.

Bond (ogling her chest, grinning): But of course you are.


How Catholic!

Anonymous said...

I love how the diamonds in that ad totally look like drugs! GO CATHOLICS!!

John Hosty said...

I think the door they are not willing to open is to a closet!