Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Hate Propaganda from the Homophobes

As usual, Ms. Massresistance is attacking a foundation who's sole mission is to "secure equal opportunity for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression." Ironically, the Gill foundation was started because of people like Ms. Massresistance. A bit of history that you would never learn from Massresistance/Article 8/Parent's Right etc...:
The Gill Foundation arose out of a battle for equality. A 1992 Colorado ballot initiative denying lesbians and gay men equal protection in the state provoked outrage among fair-minded citizens across Colorado and the nation. One such citizen was Tim Gill, a Coloradan since boyhood, a graduate of Jefferson County's Wheat Ridge High School, and a gay man. Tim was moved to action by the attack on his and other Coloradans' civil rights. As founder of Denver-based software company Quark, Inc., Tim was in a position to invest in efforts to defeat Amendment 2, and contributed $40,000.
And I'm sure the Gill foundation files ALL its necessary taxes and paperwork too. They also operate in the light of the day and not in dark corners hidden behind cameras or tape recorders. I can just imagine the drool oozing out of Brian and Amy's mouths when they think about all the money the Gill foundation has given to worthy causes when Massresistance/Article 8 could have used it to publicize photos of Macy's mannequins. Her post reminded of another post I had read recently about "putting "fear of God" into the Flocks:

Christianity was never about persecuting those who aren't Christians. Jesusistan is all about demonizing and persecuting people not like them. The favorite whipping boy of the Jesusistani is the gay American. The icons of Jesusistan spend a lot of time framing the gay American as a rich leftist elitist, loaded up with diseases and ready to lead your children into the world of perversion that they inhabit.

The charge that gays are high-income plays to the resentment a lot of lower-class Americans are feeling about their continued slip down the economic ladder. It's a theme the Jesusistanis have played on for years, as we will see from the quotes below:Homosexuals are the wealthiest extremists of the amoral left.-Andrea Sheldon Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition

You find survey after survey showing gays are far better off than the general population in terms of college degrees, discretionary income, frequent flyer miles - Virtually every indicator of luxury.-Robert Knight, of the Family Research Council.

The post goes on:
Demonizing your fellow citizen, and making stuff up to bolster your hatred. This is the constant tactic of the totalitarian. Hitler had his Jews, Stalin had his Kulaks, Lester Maddox had his Negroes. However, the Jesusistani demonization is mostly a play on the old Hitler theme, because Maddox didn't allege that Black citizens were money-hoarding leeches, and Stalin didn't accuse the Kulaks of being child molesting perverts. However, Hitler accused Jews of being both greedy and perverted. He also had his statistics to "prove" it. If you just substitute "gay" or "homosexual" in place of "Jew" in most Nazi publications, you wind up seeing very little difference in the Streicher/Goebbels propaganda of old and the FRC/FOF publications of today. The reason for this is simple-demonizing minorities works. Take a society where people see their standard of living in a near constant decline, and give them a devil to hate and blame. A lot of scared, confused people will happily latch onto the devil you
provide them, if you screech long enough. The Jesusistan leadership has gotten a lot of traction out of demonizing gay people.

Massresistance's 15 minutes were up a long time ago, I just think their watch broke and they're being delusional to think that people still care about what they have to say (they're so popular that they have been bumped at least twice already on their radio show, once for a "Car Doctor" program and now for a program that interviews chefs and travel agents).

After viewing WTTT's website it has come to my attention that AAA is sponsoring the program that was on before Massresistance and is still airing WTTT. I guess I will just have to cancel my AAA membership tomorrow knowing that they support the bigotry of WTTT and Massresistance.

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