Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Homosexuals Do Behind Closed Doors…

My husband went to the dentist the other day for his 6 month check-up and cleaning. Like most people, he detests going but was happy to find a new hygienist who he absolutely adores.

During the examination he asked her about a topic that we (he and I) discuss often behind at home: Should you floss or brush first? I've always been sure I was right (after all, I was one of the first Boy Scouts in the county to earn the dentistry merit badge so I had to be correct, right?) Well, in the eyes of my husband’s dental hygienist, I was right, but, she admitted that people can go either way, no studies have confirmed any perfect way.

After hearing this, my husband made her take a loyalty vow. He told her if word got out that gay people were discussing brushing and flossing in the privacy of their bedrooms instead of living fabulously exotic lives and planning the moral decline of civilization, then, well, people would think we were just plain ole boring.

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Ryan Adams said...

Oooo you dirty man, you. LOL.