Monday, October 29, 2007

Clash of the Cultures

Well the Red Sox did it again! I can't believe it. I celebrate this win for my mother, who was a huge Red Sox fan. One of my earliest memories was of my parents getting Red Sox tickets and taking us to Fenway Park (I recall my mother being the most excited). I think I must have been around 4 or 5 years old. It was Russ Gibson Day.

Their win yesterday is bittersweet since my mom passed away in 2003 and never got to see the Red Sox win the World Series (She was a big Patriots fan too but did get to see them win one Superbowl). Along with missing the Red Sox wins, as I've written here before, my mom also wasn't here to witness me getting legally married. However, like last night's win, I could feel my mother right next to me, excited as can be and taking the happiness all in.

Which leads me to one of the reasons I think the Red Sox won. Of course they're a great team and yes, they did play beautifully, but I think there was a higher power in play.

In the infamous words of Brian Camenker:
I could sit here and I could probably, you know, find some ways of connecting the dots to gay marriage to all of these if I had enough time and if I did some research.

You see, Colorado is the home of Focus on the Family, one of the eminent anti-gay organizations in the country (possibly the world?) They tried to eradicate same sex marriage in every state in this country and failed in Massachusetts.When the Massachusetts Legislature prevented discrimination from staining the country's oldest constitution it seems only fitting that the Red Sox would be World champs over the Colorado Rockies.

So maybe Brian Camenker is a little bit right this time


Anonymous said...

God Bless your mom - glad the Sox won and marriage equality reins.

Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker is *still* gloating over the dropping of charges against Cirignano. The "massresistance" web page has not been updated since last monday...he seems to think that this "defeat" has beaten back those evil homosexual activist.

And then of course there is poor deluded stupid Amy Contrada, who some how has tried to link The Laramie Project to "dangerous depravity" of some completely unrelated myspace web page. One really has to wonder how/if she discusses these things with her daughter who is in the play.

Ian said...

The Gay Marriage Team beat The Fundie Team. Suck it, Jesus!

"The reality of thousands of our marriages in Massachusetts showed the utter fallacy of our opponents' arguments and dire predictions. Not only did the crops not wither, the Red Sox won the World Series and the Patriots took the Super Bowl." -- Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.


Chris Mason said...

The first time the sox won the world series in 86 years was just a few months after massachusetts legalized same sex marriage. Gay marriage broke the curse!