Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Requiem for a Sad Man

Massresistance posted this past week that J. Edward Pawlick, the guy who started the virulent anti-gay MassNews passed away this past weekend, however no obituary was published in either the Boston Globe or the Boston Herald.

I have a lot to thank Pawlick for. It was because of him that I became involved in the Equal Marriage movement. After I started reading MassNews I couldn't wait to debunk the garbage he was posting and I started speaking out.

Every year he would have predictions about Massachusetts and none of them would come true. (I bet the small plane pilots will miss him too since he paid for a lot of anti-gay airplane banners.)

In the past few years I've written sparingly about Pawlick mostly because it was clear the poor guy was going off the deep end. To give you a little insight into Pawlick's mind here are his predictions for 2004:

  • Senate President Robert Travaglini will be rejected by the voters in 2004 when his position on gay marriage and civil unions becomes clear.

  • Many of the other 137 legislators who voted to violate the state's Constitution on July 17, 2002, will choose not to run for reelection, as Cheryl Jacques has already done. If they do choose to run again, they will stand an excellent chance of being defeated, not by an organization but by angry voters.

  • Chief Justice Margaret Marshall will resign before May 2004, which is the month she has ordered that everyone must report back to her. She has proven she is no longer fit to be a judge in her adopted country.

It's sad that the man who started Lawyer's Weekly would end of being remembered for spending millions of dollars to deny gay and lesbian people their civil rights AND flying planes with ridiculous banners attached to them.


Mass Marrier said...

How very peculiar that so many folk who earn or have thrust upon them some money and time to spend harbor such craziness. Think of both ketchup kings, Hunt and Heinz, and of Henry Ford. Lawyers Weekly and its many highly useful offspring reflect none of angry Eddy's bigotry.

Suppose each of us got a pile of money and could indulge our inner passions for crusade. I have to wonder how many have hidden hate or lunacies we'd try to force on others.

At least Pawlick was so extreme and irrational that he didn't convince sane folk. He ended up always good for a robust laugh with his SURRENDER DOROTHY! style airplane banners.

Anonymous said...

Mass Marrier: I think you need to look no further than Queer Today for your answer.

Equally sincere, equally loony, just on the opposite side of the fight.

Like Pawlick, they're their own worst enemies.

Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

The passing of the Pawlick fellow inspires an interesting question. What is the ultimate goal of folks like he. Brian and Amy, Porno Pete and the others. Do they truly envision a future world without gay people in it? Would their lives be enriched somehow if we were all dead or do they simply want all the gay people hiding in a closet...would that be enough to bring them happiness. Let's ask them, Brian, Amy tell us, what is the ultimate goal you seek for all of your efforts, energy and resources that you use to attack us and our families?

wmdot said...

ding dong ... the bigot's dead!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew something was up when dissappeared quietly.

It was not like Pawlick to do anything quietly.

I *am* surprised however there is no obit in Globe/Herald...

Anonymous said...

BTW...Another blowhard has dissappeared from the scene recently.

Carol McKinley has not had a post...or said anything publicly for a long time.

Anyone know why/where she went into hiding?

bostonph said...

Carol McKinley has not had a post...or said anything publicly for a long time.

Good point. I'd expected a flurry of activity around the Brownback visit, but there wasn't even a murmur.

You'd think she would have been all over this:

Cardinal O'Malley added, "There is no other presidential candidate in the United States at this moment whose positions really reflect Catholic social dogma in the way that" Brownback's do.