Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Cheese With that Whine?

Thanks to an anonymous poster we can now read Amy Contrada's "Opinion Piece" about "The Laramie Project" in The Beacon:

The play’s foul language is just one problem. It is also horribly violent, promotes homosexuality as normal, and undermines many parents’ values and authority. Yet the director told me that it has literary merit worth six months of production time.

The whole "foul language" issue sounds like a scene out of "Serial Mom" and readers of this blog will know that Amy LOVES to recite the "foul" language she attributes to the LGBT community. Also I guess she wants a play that promote gay people as being abnormal, non tax paying members of no community, no scratch that, she probably still wants our tax money she just doesn't want us to be portrayed realistically.

Strangely enough, no where in the whole article does she come out and state that she has a child in this production. Now wouldn't you think someone who takes the effort to write an opinion piece for the hometown newspaper that says stuff like:

This “R-rated” play is dishonest, vulgar, violent, politically loaded and divisive. It has no place in a taxpayer-funded school.
Isn't it just begging for the line "And I'm allowing my child to take part in it too"?

Responses may be sent to the editor: Robert Burgess:

You might also want to take a gander at Brian Camenker's "Letter to the Editor" in the Beacon also. It's really more of the same conspiracy theories and old "it's against the Christians" baloney. I think the play bothers them so much is because the hate the play focuses on is the hate Brian and Massresistance peddles.

BTW, tickets for "The Laramie Project" are on sale here date: Nov 2, 3, 9, 10.


Anonymous said...

were they on the air this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that someone who identifies as Jewish is so eager to complain about people attacking Christians. Could it be that he can't find much support for his views in his own religious community?

Anonymous said...

Oh, did you see this quote from AMann on their blog?

"So -- those 400+ parents who supposedly signed a petition to support the "Laramie Project" play know all about this? And still want their kids exposed? Shame on them."

So the parents who want their kids to see the play are awful, but the one who's allowing her kid to participate...isn't? The hypocrisy, it boggles.

Anonymous said...

No they weren't on the air this weekend. A national car repair show was on from 9-11. I didn't check after that.

I think they may be still tryng to scrap together the cash to buy the airtime. Which considering the seize of the audience the station attracts should be about fifty bucks.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Amy's daughter was going to be IN the show!

What a hoot!

We should all go and give her a standing ovation when she performs. (But that wouldn't be right, would it? Might make her feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.)

We should sit in the audience and cheer AMY! AMY! AMY!

Is her daughetr doing this against her mothers wishes?

Or is Amy letting her do it so she can get "inside information"?

Anonymous said...

Noted over on BlueMassGroup: Amy's daughter Claudia has come out as a lesbian.

Rock. Boat. Bottom. Hole. Sink. :-)