Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Week Late and Way More Than A Dollar Short

Well, in my last post I noted that Massresistance apparently was repeating their radio show. To my surprise, when I went to their website I found the show that was supposed to be aired last Saturday on their site. Today when I tuned in to listen to their "new" show I was treated to the show that was supposed to air last week (and already posted on their website last Saturday).

Porno Pete was on and they actually gave a shout out to this blog, of course they never mentioned the name of the blog but you could tell from Amy's comments that reads every post including the comments section. Oh, they also had on the "Ex-gay" Stephen Bennett who talked about his "hit and run" accident which prevented him from attending that nasty forum two weeks ago in Acton.

One of the more interesting aspects of this show was Porno Pete talking about his trip half way across the country to attend the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. This guy, who comes off more as your nosy, busy body, cares about everyone's business but their own, old maid aunt, sounded downright giddy at retelling the sites he saw in California. Do the people who contribute to his organization know that they are funding this erotic trips? Amy posted about the Folsom Street Fair last week. Included threats such as "Soon coming to the streets of Boston. Torture, flogging, public nudity." Of course she neglected to mention that the fair has been going on for 25 years (how long are we supposed to wait until it gets here?) or that heterosexuals were also participating in the Fair. Somehow this is supposed to be linked to sexual orientation and gender identity but I didn't get her linkages.

I would suggest you read one article/letter concerning the Acton Forum on the Laramie Project. It was online in the Acton Town Online Newspaper:
ACTON, MASS. - A forum that was billed as a concerned parents' discussion of the high school drama department's production of the controversial play "The Laramie Project" focused mainly on what panelists said were the dangers of homosexuality.

There is also a letter to the Editor from a parent and a school teacher in the Acton school system.

It still boggles my mind why a parent who is supposedly so against the play and the message behind the play would allow their child to be a part of it. What kind of mixed messages is the child going to get?


Anonymous said...

I hade exactly the same reaction as Boston Bud as I listened to Porno Pete on the MR infomercial today.

Porno was actually gigiling as he discribed the events at the fair.

It reminded me of a phone conversation I once had with Mad Dad David Parker and his wife, these people are so repressed and twisted that they use their anti gay activities for sexual gratification.

Towards the end of this weeks paid program, Steven Bennett joined Brian to descibe the events that prevented him from attending the Acton Boxbourgh "Forum." Even though Bennett admitted that his fender bender was the result of a angry motorist getting hot under the collar, Brian continued to claim that the vast homosexual movement that secretly controls the Massachusetts State Police along with all the other law enforcement agencies around the world, are all part of a major cover up regarding Mr. Bennett's accident.

As a former law enforcement officer and GOAL memeber ( Ami was nice enough to post my picture one year on her blog as I marched with GOAL in the Boston Pride Parade) I can assure you that Gay men and woman have no undo influence in any state, local or county public safety agency.

Finally, does anyone think that Ami will ever come out and tell her listeners that her daughter is staring in the Larimie Project at ABHS?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that these massresistance folks are taking out their anger on the good people at Roche Brothers, have you heard about it? I was just there and i guess they are really taking a beating from these hateful people. All they do is try to support the schools and the community by selling ABRHS drama tix. it would be a real tragedy for all of the towns they try to help out if they have to change their policy about supporting the schools b/c of this group and their scary tactics. I say kudos to Roche Brothers for standign up to massresistance so far and keeping selling the tix. it's the right thing to do.