Thursday, October 25, 2007

Will a Woman Be the Host?

In the comments section of the post "I Want My MassResistance" an anonymous commenter stated that MassResistance was moving to WNSH AM 1570 Beverly which is billed as Women's Talk Radio: For Women, By Women.

Thanks go to Mike over at Marry in Massachusetts, he received information that confirmed that MassResistance will be on WNSH. He told me that the station will be making it clear that they do not endorse MassResistance's ideas and that they are simply renting times. They also wanted it noted that they have a lesbian feminist on the station who might be airing right after the Massresistance show. Keating Willcox, from WNSH also welcomed anyone from the Gay community to get together and put their own show on WNSH.

No word yet on whether they will have advertisers on this show. I guess we're just have to wait and listen and then see if the advertisers share MassResistance's viewpoints. Since it's a "Woman's Radio Station" do you think Amy will lead off the show?


Anonymous said...

Just had a look/see at WNSH's website. It's actually not that surprising that they are allowing MassResistance to air their hateful venomous vitriol; The illustrious Laura Ingrahm fills their weak airwaves from 9 am to noon during the week. For those who don't know who Laura Ingrahm is, she's been described as the "female Rush Limbaugh".

Justin said...

At 10:59 AM 10/25/2007, you wrote:

I find it rather disturbing that you are allowing Mass Resistance to spew their hate-filled program from your station.

And he responds with....

We are in the process of getting a rebuttal program to run directly after theirs. Even though Mass Resistance is paid programming, and of course the station does not endorse their views, they represent only half of the story.

There is a story - there seems to be a lot of legislation, and litigation, as well as campaign politics, and not reported in much depth, especially on the radio. So, we have found a show that will provide a pro-gay viewpoint, and we are glad to have the opportunity to provide both shows to the community.

Thanks for writing, and be sure to listen to both shows. I am sure both will have opportunity for emailed comments, as neither will be live.

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to bet Tom Lang would do a show if he knew it aried directly opposing mASSresistance.

theAguy said...

Is Keating Wilcox willing to give up an hour of air time to members of the Gay community to refute the garbage on Brian's infomercial or is he saying he will sell us an hour of time? If the airtime is free, I could put together an endless list of people who could produce an informative and entertaining hour of radio.

We have had a reputable magazine/news program on the air for over 20 years. It is called One in Ten and it has a very loyal following on WFNX 101.7FM. Unlike the MR paid program,the station actually pays the hosts Sue O'Conneel and Kieth ORR to produce and host the 3 hour program.

The show makes money because there are advertisers who want to be on the show. Unlike the advertisers who bought time on WTTT without knowing their spots would be heard on Brian's "show". Some advertisers called WTTT and demanded that their spots be pulled and insisted that they never run on the show again.

Over all, WNSH has far less listners than WTTT or WRCA ( although English is a second language for most of the RCA audience) Unless you live on the North Shore it is a very hard signal to pick up.

Anonymous said...

They also wanted it noted that they have a lesbian feminist on the station who might be airing right after the Massresistance show.

Not that would get under their skin....wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Keating wilcox is willing to SELL airtime to the gay community to refute Massresistance. That way he makes money on both ends.

Anyone want to step up and do the show?

In any event, I don't accept this. He offloads his responsibility as station manager by offerring to make MORE money off of the "gay community". Either way, he win$.

I think people should still try to pressure them into NOT doing the show.

I think polite requests are the best...but I think if he knew that people might contact advertisers for his newly relaunched might make Mr. Wilcox pay attention...but, again, that tactic is a last resort.

Like a commenter said, we should forward the contact information to any/all action sites and encourage people to write him...and tell him that his station re-launch will suffer by association with Mass Resisatnce.

theAguy said...

I go back and forth on wether having Brian and Ami around actually works in our favor.

Their infomercial started out on an obscure radio station that unless you enjoy listening to second rate conservative talk shows you had never had any reason to listen to WTTT. The show was moved to 3 different time slots and eventually WTTT's new GM decided not to sell Brian and Ami the air time. I have been told by someone at that station that Brian had trouble coming up with the $500.00 bucks each week. Brian and Ami tried to spin a story that the evil Mitt Romney used his connections to silence Mass Resistance.

After being off the air for 3 or 4 months they popped back up on an even more insignificant foreign language station,WRCA. Since the station's studios happen to be Cambridge's Central Square, Brian promoted the fact that he was broadcasting from the belly of the beast, The Peoples Republic of Cambridge.

Unless you were a Cambridge progressive you spoke Hatian on Spanish you probibly had never heard of WRCA or could find it on the dial.

Now they are schedules to be on a tiny North Shore station, although when I tuned into WNSH this moring their was a national car repair show on and Brian has made no announcement on his web site.

My guess is the only people who listen to his paid program are his tiny band of followers and us. I doubt thier family members even tune in.

Anyone who happens to stumble on the show will realize after about 10 minutes that they are crazy.

So, if they want to spend their money each week to pretend they have a real radio program I say fine.

However, if there are commercial during the program I would be in favor of a organized campaign to alert the advertisers what type of "broadcast" the ads are being placed on by station management.