Sunday, March 30, 2008

MassResistance "Successes" #2

More "Successes":

Exposed notorious "Fistgate" seminar by Mass. Dept. of Education and GLSEN homosexual activists, which taught dangerous homosexual sex practices to children. Made national news; two state employees were fired. Homosexual groups subsequently sued Parents Rights' Coalition twice (both times unsuccessfully) to stop their efforts to distribute tape recordings of the sessions. (2000)

Of course, what they don’t tell you is that in the session, the students attending were the ones who asked the questions and the adults answered them truthfully, it was an open dialogue.

Can you imagine a censored Q & A with kids when one child asks “How are babies born?” and the adult present answers “The stork brings them!” That answer might do well in Kansas or for some people homeschooling but these teens are from Massachusetts, an intelligent state.

Furthermore, they don’t tell you that one of the teachers who were fired got her job back (and boy does this anger Brian and his group) Additionally, they claim that the lawsuits were unsuccessful which is not exactly true. If you glance over at the GLAD website, it's there in print that one of the lawsuits were settled, so I wouldn't call that "unsuccessful" when Brian wanted the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. As for the other lawsuit, well you can read a little about it here but it's hard to tell whether it was dismissed or not. Just reading that short blurb, which Article 8 (AKA MassResistance) sent out, it doesn't sound like the teacher lost her case when it sounds like they were looking into whether the two men had assets for her to claim. However, I couldn't really find any information one way or another.

Oh man, I've only gone through the first two "successes" and we can already see where this is going! More to come!


Unknown said...

Is this CrAzY loon Ryan Sorba (who has yet-to-publish his "gay-gene hoax" still speaking tomorrow night at Framingham State? According to Brian's website he is. Are people attending this event in protest?
Does anyone have more info...??

bostonph said...

There's a good article on a Ryan Sorba speech hosted by MSU's Young Americans for Freedom (another SPLC Hate Group) here:

I found the article from the YAFWatch site:

Per the article, Mr. Sorba is cut from the same cloth as Mr. Camenker, right down to comparing tolerance of gays to tolerance of Hitler. The goal of his speech is to "recriminalize sodomy."

According to Ryan's blog, the full title of his speech is "The 'Born Gay' Hoax, and the Dangers of Homosexual Behavior"

There's video there if you have the stomach for it. His thesis is almost entirely based on anecdotal evidence.

As one spectator at MSU said "He literally pulls facts out of the air. Has no basis for his argument. Just a continuation of misstatements."

Sound like anyone we know?

bostonph said...

BTW, I can't think of a reason in the world to go protest this joker.Hosting him only exposes MassResistance for the homophobes they are. Protesting just gives them publicity and another reason to whine about how persecuted they are.

They've already sent out a spam blast on the subject:

And of course, the "tolerant" homosexual community has already acted predictably. On campus, all of the posters advertising the talk have been stolen. And the College Conservatives have been threatened that they may be reported for "hate speech" and "intolerance" violations.

Uh huh.