Thursday, March 13, 2008

We're Lovers Not Fighters

Plus I hate when the Right always makes war references when they are supposed to be SO Christian! Anyway, lots of Good News:

Wa. Gov. Signs Expanded Domestic Partner Law

(Olympia, Washington) Gov. Christine Gregoire has signed legislation expanding the state's domestic partnership law to provide for more than 170 additional rights and responsibilities which married couples already have.

Psychoanalysts' Group Backs Gay Marriage

The American Psychoanalytic Association announced Wednesday that it supports the legalization of same-sex marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Breakaway Episcopal Bishop Defrocked

Episcopal leaders ousted a breakaway conservative bishop Wednesday in a struggle for control of the Diocese of San Joaquin and its properties.

The Episcopal House of Bishops, meeting in Texas, took the action against Bishop John-David Schofield, who last December led the Fresno diocese to secede from the Episcopal Church.


“I’m Dan Watson, and I’m a homosexual”. This is not a meeting of Gay Anonymous, rather the introduction to The Stick Shift, a two-hour gay-themed radio show on Melbourne’s Nova 100 hosted by said homosexual, Dan Watson.

As Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick says: TOGETHER WE CAN!

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massminuteman said...

Wedding bells, coming to Greece too!!! :-) More big fat Greek weddings...sigh. To get married on Lesbos...I wonder if that gives poor Amy thralls or nightmares.... Maybe both :D