Monday, March 24, 2008

You Can't Hide the Truth

Over at MassResisance, Brian Camenker is playing hide the truth. At Wikipedia, the entry for "Brian Camenker" listed several facts about him that he apparently doesn't like since he removed them because he claimed that it was "untrue, libelous, or irrevelent to the topic." See for yourself:

He is also the founder of various other anti-gay organizations in Massachusetts: Parent's Rights Coalition, Article 8 Alliance and the Interfaith Coalition of Massachusetts.

Of course this information was generated from NARTH and various other references.

But there's more:

In June 2006, Brian and other members of MassResistance protested a Macy's store in Boston, MA. They alleged that the mannequins represented homosexuality.

"Basically, here you have two apparently homosexual men touching each other, both of them with big breasts that are unlike any mannequin anyone's ever seen," said
MassResistance President Brian Camenker. "A number of people are getting a little tired of having homosexuality pushed in their faces," Camenker added.

and yet more:

In March 2008, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed MassResistance, the group that Brian Camenker founded and leads, as one of 888 active hate groups operating in the U.S during 2007

there was also a link to a real conservative from who wrote an article about Brian called "Me and Brian Camenker", but Brian deleted the link:

My point is that Brian Camenker has spent the last thirteen years of his life doing things like getting outraged over store mannequins that he found “disgusting.” The man I knew 14 years ago was a good man, a dedicated father and a nice guy. He was normal. His current incarnation is, more than anything else, sad.

So tell me Brian, which parts of the above are untrue, libelous, or irrevelent? Oh, he's also falsifying the Wikipedia entry for MassResistance too. He deleted the fact that the Southern Poverty Law Center names MassResistance a hate group and he deleted the references to this blog.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. The truth must really hurt.


mchristian said...

Alas, it looks like the truth has been hidden: his Wikipage is nothing but ridiculous propaganda now ....

bostonph said...

All of Camenker's revisions have been reverted with the comment "Reversed POV - Previous version is more balanced and accurate"

You can still see his edits by doing a compare versions in the history section. The man is delusional.

bostonph said...

I Ppoke too soon - the MassResistance entry is still rewritten to portray Brian as a noble crusader for children's rights rather than the bitter obsessed homophobe we've come to know.

It's actually pretty frightening.

schag said...

Cool! An update war! It will give the bigots something new to do with their day.

bostonph said...

Delightful. Mr. Camenker has already put in another round of edits "Removing irrevelent , incorrect, and/or libelous postings" [sic]

A friend once once asked "how sad and pathetic do you have to be to devote your life to depriving other people rights." I think we have the answer.