Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's Your take?

I guess I'm a bit slow because when I usually get an idea for a post (and finally find the time to write it) someone has already made the suggestion in the comment's section. Recently I'm talking about MassResistance's latest post:
Major Project Underway ...
... so we'll be posting less frequently. But don't worry, we're not going away! Bigger and better things in the works. Stay tuned.

So what do you think they are working on now? Are they doing some in depth research on the children's guinea pig book?(I'm not going there!) Maybe it's a study on why so many anti gay activists (themselves) or their children are gay. Could it be the study of some adults fascination with video and tape recording of children, because they have a lot of first hand experience there.

Feel free to add your own guesses in the comments section.


Ian said...

They're building a Uranium Pew 36 Explosive Space Modulator.

Gay people obstruct their view of Venus.

bostonph said...

Maybe Amy and Brian are writing a book on parenting?

KeepRight said...

bostonph: They can't possibly be doing something like that. It would mean they're actually being PRO-FAMILY activists. We all know too well that they are not PRO-FAMILY activists, but are vehement ANTI-GAY activists. Have they EVER done anything that is actually pro-family? They are all about exclusion and negativity; is it any wonder that Brian heaves a heavy sigh when talking on the phone to strangers? The negative energy that they create and foster clearly puts quite a toll on both of them.

Unknown said...

Everyone preaches of hate and children, but are to blind to put the two together.

Child rape is a hate crime! The biggest hate crime ever!

For the 'insiders' know that hate-clasification would turn over all child rape cases to the Feds.

When little Zachery was killed by a Worcester court house in 1997, no-one had filed a Zackary's law.

Want to see a demon? Google..Bar Jonah.
Did our silence kill Jessicca?

>Top Judge....Maggie Marshal.
>Top Cop..Martha Coakly.
>Dept of Mental Health, exec and human right's officer....both women.
>Sen Harriot Chandler...TOP advocate for DMH.
>Top Civil right's lawyer..ACLU...exec...Carol Rose.

Ask the government for child-rape stastitics/sentencing/repeaters before and after Roe V Wade.

You will never be allowed to see them.

DELUSIONS? You decide.
>sex-shot..increases black-market value of product.
>Gay-ed onto grade schoolers.
>Open Borders.
>Liberals trying to seize kids medical records..SCHIP
>Every gay controversy..nationwide..always in white schools.
>Every Christmas (holiday) controversy, nation-wide...always a white neighborhood.
>Hollywood gets Boston tax breaks for demoralizing kids.

POLITICIANS only see money.Think 'bout it?

>insane blogger....as seen on TV5 forums. Peace.

Unknown said...

..also...non-parental notification for abortions? A tool for kidnappers? (sry for using too much space..)

Boston Bud said...

Well, now that MassResistance is a nationally recognized Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center any efforts that they do try to actually protect children will go unnoticed since they haven't helped a single child in all their years and all the various organizations Brian Camenker has started.

I'm guessing that if Romney ever runs for higher office again and Brian Camenker comes after him in the press all he has to do is pull out the 2008 Spring Edition of the Intelligence Report and show that MassResistance is a nationally recognized Hate group alongside the KKK, neo-Nazi's and Fred Phelps.

Unknown said...

massresistance KILLED JESSICA LUNDFOR.Not one of them filed a Zackary's Law. Who is zackary? Google this Bar Jonah.
MASSRESISTANCE REFUSES TO CLASSIFY CHILD-RAPE AS HATE. I asked them too many times...they send me an email...to 'go to hell!'.
Dont get me started on child rape! For this states makes a MOCKERY out of gays and CHILDREN.