Monday, March 31, 2008

MassResistance "Successes" #3 & #4

As Dr. Smith would say "Oh, the pain", anyway, here's number 3:

Successfully lobbied the US Senate Foreign Relations chairman, Sen. Jesse Helms, to put a "hold" on the President's appointment of Mass. Governor Paul Cellucci to Ambassador to Canada, until Cellucci agreed to curtail any efforts to expand homosexual rights there. Cellucci had greatly expanded homosexual programs in the public schools while Governor of Massachusetts. (2000)

Another toast Brian! although I do believe that Canada enacted marriage equality while Cellucci WAS Ambassador. Oh, and if you believe that Jess Helms held up the nomination because of Brian & friends, think again. Jesse didn’t need any help in holding up a nomination. He did it all the time, from Wikipedia:

As he gained seniority and clout, Helms became known as "Senator No" because he would obstruct a variety of Democratic bills and presidential appointments. Helms reportedly delighted in the nickname.

As for "Success" Number #4:

Filed bills in last two legislative sessions to strengthen the Parental Notification Law, and will re-file in next session with even stronger provisions.

OK, ANYONE can file a bill. As a courtesy, a Mass State Rep. or State Senator may attach their name to the bill but typically they file all bills submitted by their constituents. However, notice that they don’t put any dates on this particular "success" because they file these idiotic bills EVERY YEAR and it goes no where. (Hmm...why would they need to "strengthen a bill that they themselves claim they wrote?) They were recently complaining that the public hearings for their bills ran so late that they were going to tell their lemmings, er, I mean, followers not to go to the Statehouse anymore, fat chance of that happening!

Now, I’m sure that since MassResistance has been named a Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Massachusetts legislature is going to listen very closely to the things that MassResistance has to say and I'm also sure that someone, somewhere will want their names attached to it, NOT.

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