Friday, October 10, 2008

Catholic Church Smackdown!

Boy, Brian Camenker is not having a good week. David Parker loses his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, the CT Supreme Court says the state has to allow gay couples to marry and the Boston Diocese of the Catholic Church gives Brian a big ole be-otch slap.

Apparently, the Cardinal signed one of their petitions to repeal the repeal of the 1913 law and Brian took this to mean that the whole Catholic Church would stand beside him in his anti-gay quest. Uh...not so fast. Brian, er, MassResistance, sent a letter to every Catholic Church in Massachusetts asking for their participation in his endeavor, however, the Cardinal immediately sent out an email slapping down MassResistance:

On Monday, October 6, a group of Catholic activists at MassResistance planned the big Columbus Day weekend push to get signatures in churches. They prepared a mailing of petitions and instructions to all 680 churches in the state. The activists wrote a letter about the Cardinal signing the petition, signed by Brian Camenker, which they included. It was mailed on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, October 8, Brian Camenker received a phone call from Ed Saunders, director of the Massachusetts Catholic Conference (MCC). Saunders ordered us to "cease and desist" any efforts to communicate with parishes (an order which, of course, has no legal standing). He said that the Archdiocese had just sent out an email to all the churches in the state (see below) instructing them not to participate in the petition effort.

Saunders said that the letter by Catholic activists was "disrespectful" (you can judge for yourself). He said that the Cardinal signed the petition "in a moment of weakness" and that he did it "privately" - even though he signed it at a public event in front of several people.

So what does Brian do? Does he respect the decision of the Cardinal? No, he tells his lemmings "maybe he should hear from you!" hmm..sounds like a little intimidation to me, what do you think? Oh, and of course, as always, Brian comes up with conspiracy theory:

What's really going on? Several insiders have quietly indicated that the Church leadership now wants to stay away from the homosexual issue, for various reasons. If that's the case, they're doing everyone a disservice. It's not going away.

Where does Brian get his information?


massmarrier said...

We are known by the company we keep, Brian. It looks like Sean (much like Kris Mineau) is beginning to pick his companions a bit more carefully. Maybe all of MR needs to pile into the phone booth at Doyle's and reconsider themselves.

theAguy said...

I think Doyle's is a bit upscale for the MR Crew. I hear they prefer the big booth at Denny's in Bedford.

All I want to know is how does the "confirmed batchelor" who still lives in his mother's basement feel about all this?

Can we expect a Catholic Action League alert on the subject anytime soon?

Ian said...

I think we should do exactly as Brian says... for a change.

Maybe we SHOULD call The Cardinal's office and voice our SUPPORT for Brian Camenker.

Oh, and we should also support Brian Camenker in as ugly, nasty, vile (yet non-violent) a manner as we can possibly muster.

So, let's "support" Brian Camenker against The Cardinal as loudly and savagely as we possibly can!

KeepRight said...


Has Brian been able to collect the 33,000+ signatures he needs? Will he post anything about it if he does not? Will he put the correct day/date on his posting? Has he been successful in excoriating Cardinal Sean and the Catholic Church? ENQUIRING MINDS WANNA KNOW!!!!

KeepRight said...

Here it is, two days after the signatures were due, yet not so much as a peep from Camenker. This does not bode well for the homo-hating trooper. My guess is that "they" were not able to gather the required number of signatures, and Brian's little referendum petition is now a thing of the past. Maybe now he'll take my advice (much like Amy Contrada has) and JUST SHUT UP!!!!!


para911 said...

Brian has updated his blog. The petition info and update section has been removed.....Hmmmm. Does he have enuff signatures or not?

An Astute Observer said...

I just wanted to point out that this is at least one occaision when the Catholic Church did the right thing.

They recognize that Camenker is a nut...and don't want to be associated with him.


Catholic Action League CJ Doyle = 1 guy with a computer.