Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. So many things have been going on since the last time I wrote. We've been helping people move, attending conferences (in Texas during Hurricane Ike!) and our regular day to day activities. With all that homosexual activist stuff we're always getting accused of doing like bringing down the economy and lowering the moral of America, it's been a busy month.

On the flip side, MassResistance hasn't been all that active either. Ms. MassResistance hasn't posted since June and Brian occassionally posts a line or two on the main website, but overall they haven't been up to too much lately except ensuring that they'll be on the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Group list next year.

Yes my friends, while Brian Camenker hasn't been updating his website, he still have been sending out his hate mails to his minions begging for dollars:

But we are fighting back. If we can collect approximately 40,000 signatures on the Referendum Petition by October 15, this will go on the ballot. The people will get to vote. But there are about two weeks left. If we don't get the signatures, it's all over.

At this point, we're getting there, but we've got a ways to go. Our guess is that we're behind schedule but we hope to still make it. It's impossible to get an exact count since people and signature sheets are scattered across the state.


What YOU must do . . .We really need everyone's help right now.

* If you live in Massachusetts: Everyone please sign the petition. This is really important - if you can't go out there and help collect, every person at least needs to sign it, (and get at least one or two others). If you can't download it, contact us and we'll mail you a copy.

* If you live outside of Massachusetts: Any donation will help. We are depending on people and groups across America to help us make this happen. You can donate here.
We still have some big mailings we need to pay for (see #4 below).We're going to charge right to the finish line! With everyone's help we will make it!

and in the bottom section of their email they talk about their fundraising challege (my comments are in red):

4. Fundraising update . . . Our $500 matching donation challenge!

We are trying to raise money for a huge mailing to signers of the Marriage Petition - to send a petition form to each household that signed it.

This is important! We've got the mailing set up and it's ready to go. But we still need to raise several thousand dollars to get the presses started. And time is running short.

The $500 challenge

Earlier this month, Mark P. (this guy is so proud to support MassResistance that he doesn't even give his last name) started it off with an offer to donate $500 if others match it with their own $500 donations. (is this like "if you show me yours I'll show you mine?") He wanted to see how many of these matching $500 donations we can get in two weeks. (To put this in perspective, the homosexual lobby raised $250,000 to get the 1913 law repealed.)Since then we've $500 donations from: Matthew S., Clarence H., Marjorie F., Albert L., Sally N., and the Life Action League of Mass. And Jim T. donated $1000! (another group of proud MassResistance supports with no last names)

Will YOU join them? Will you invest $500 or more? Is our work worthwhile for you to invest in? NO Our efforts depend o n you!

In typical MassResistance fashion, they didn't look into the future. If they get these signatures, thousands of couples will still be getting married from all over this country until this gets to the ballot. At that point, two years from now, people in this state will see that Marriage Equality is a benefit to the people of the Commonwealth and vote it down. Meanwhile, Sally N & Jim T will be hounded endlessly by MassResistance to give more money for the ballot initiative.

I can't wait for the television ads exposing MassResistance as a hate group along with the KKK and Fred Phelps. You know it's going to happen.


John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Notice how Brian conveniently leaves out the fact that this is not going on this year's ballot, but rather the 2010 one if it get's enough signatures. Even to his own people he is deceptive.

I hope Brian is saving all the reciepts because he'll need it for his tax returns. Seems to me that this letter stands as proof he made this money, right? ;)

Does it strike anyone else odd that Amy Contrada's name does not appear as one of the original signers? Perhaps Claudia has finally talked some sense into her adpoted mother.

likwidshoe said...

The SPLC is a hate group. That you consistently reference them is hilarious.