Monday, October 27, 2008

MassResistance Defends Alleged Stripping Photographer

Gosh, I go away for a few days and it seems that the anti-gay forces over at MassResistance go berserk! Thanks to all those alert readers to forwarded me the links:

ANDOVER — A Wakefield man claimed he was standing outside a local school snapping photos of students for a documentary, but after a foot chase through backyards while stripping his clothing, police aren't buying his story.

Yes kids, it seems this guy was working for MassResistance, doing what Brian Camenker usually does himself, snapping pictures of assuming kids against their will only this guy, Michael Olivio, decided to strip away his clothing in the process. Brian was mentioned in the article though:

But Michael Olivio's employer has come forward to back up his story. Olivio, 48, works for the anti-gay rights group Brian Camenker (pictured at right), head of the group, said Olivio mistakenly went to West Middle School Tuesday to snap pictures instead of the high school.

Camenker said Olivio was to get pictures of the high school because the state Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgendered Youth held a meeting there Monday night.

"I figured I would do a write-up for the Web site and I wanted a picture of the high school," Camenker said.

Hmm...this seemed to happen last week and yet Brian still hasn't done a write-up for the website. And then there's the money quote at the end of the story:
Camenker said he attended Olivio's arraignment in Lawrence District Court and that they were considering legal action against the police. Olivio was charged with disorderly conduct.

Why is it that every time Brian Camenker gets involved there's the threat of lawsuits and conspiracy theories. It's always THEM, the police, legislators, Governors, bloggers, homosexual activists... But MassResistance staffers keep photographing children and now can add stripping to their successes!

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KeepRight said...

Last week, Camenker threatened to update the "MassResistance Website" daily Mondays through Fridays. It hasn't been updated since Wednesday, October 22. Hey, at least has the correct day/date this time.

He also said that he has a backlog of a lot of good stuff to post on the "MassResistance Website", so why is he sending his helper to take photos of children and then strip?

Camenker: You are irrelevant and you JUST DON'T GET IT. Even Amy Contrada has abandoned you, will you finally take my advice and JUST SHUT UP ALREADY, you will do yourself a world of good! *DEEP* *BREATH* ***HEAVY SIGH***