Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Just Another Disgruntled Opinion

Things over at Massresistance and Article 8 have gotten really crazy. I haven't posted anything about them because they are just SO weird that it boggles the mind. (This weekend on their radio show they complained because the high school in Newton was letting the parents know that military recruiters were coming and they could opt-out, which IS a requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act BTW. Do you think Brian and Amy are signing THEIR children up to serve?)

Anyhow, the past couple of days Massresistance has been posting someone else's rants about the legality of same sex marriages in Massachusetts. Of course as usual, Ms. Massresistance doesn't list what this man's qualifications are for determining the legality of marriage so one doesn't know whether he went to law school or whether just being a director of the Parent's Rights Coalition entitles him to make legal opinions, it certainly must make him an expert on homosexuals! One can assume from his rants that he knows more about the law than Gov. Romney AND Attorney General Reilly combined, or at least he thinks he does.


Mass Marrier said...

Yes, unfortunately, one could park a Hummer in the holes in those arguments (and maybe in that writer's head). Can we assume that he is totally unaware that it is the SJC's job to decide on conflicting interpretations of the commonwealth constitution, its amendments and specific laws? Not only did it do this in Goodridge, it also ordered the General Court to correct the problem with law.

They won't get it because they don't want to get it. Life goes on without them. They can sit lonely in their corner, ranting, making bizarre assertions and flinging aspersions. Ho hum.

Richard Lewis said...

Did anyone else notice that Article 8 went from insolvency and unable to pay their phone bill to having a hundred thousand dollars donated thirty days later.

I have two thoughts on this. First can one of our gay lawyers look at their public financial records to see if they really got it and then what they are doing with it. Did Amy and Brian get new sportscars?

My second thought is that maybe someone in the gay community gave them the money simply because they are the perfect enemy to have in public. Anyone reading their stuff quickly realizes they are totally consumed with this weird interest in other peoples sex lives. We don't seem to have any real credible enemies, just nut jobs.

Chris said...

That would be interesting is some rich gay person gave them the money. Brian and Amy are pretty entertaining. Plus they cover all the gay events (con-con, rallies, conferences, protests) way better than our side does. They have pictures and transcipts of everything said. The only pictures I have of myself and my friends at hearings, protests and the concon are from Article 8. They are like our documentary service.