Thursday, January 26, 2006

MFI: M****** F******* Institution?

This up in the Boston Globe today:

MassEquality, a group fighting attempts to overturn the landmark court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, will allege today that at least 2,000 people were either duped into signing a petition opposing gay marriage or had their signatures forged, a spokesman said.

The group will call on Secretary of State William F. Galvin and Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly to investigate the signatures collected by workers for VoteOnMarriage, a group working to overturn legal same-sex marriage, said Marc Solomon, campaign director for MassEquality.

While this won't invalidate all the signatures for the anti-gay marriage petition it will bring to light the immoral and illegal way MFI collected those signatures. This same group, who is supposed to be "strengthening the family", is actually teaching children how to be deceptive and dishonest to get what you want. Nice morals right!

And to those people who say "What are you afraid of? Why not let the Massachusetts voters have their say?" I say, "Would you want people to be voting on YOUR civil rights?" Once again, this is not about marriage otherwise they would be asking to revoke ALL the marriages that have taken place since May 17, 2004. No, MFI and the Catholic Church are intellectually dishonest since they really are ok'ing the marriages that have taken place. Groups like Massresistance and MassNews (hate them all you like) are at least honest about trying to get rid of all same sex marriages, not just some.

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Anonymous said...

Well, MFI is confused over what an Ex Post Facto law is. The U.S. Constitution forbids them, yet in the Calder Vs. Bull case, Samuel Chase basically said that Ex Post Facto only deals with criminal law. However MFI thinks that if all same-sex marriages were nullified, the nullification would be challenged (could such a challenge ever get up to the U.S. Supreme Court?) under this part of the constitution. MassResistance says there's no law legalizing same-sex marriage to begin with, so what's the problem?

And Buddy, it certainly is a Rorschach when you feel the need to swear on your own blog, even though it's censored.