Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Pro-Family My Fanny

Well, I was reading the Globe yesterday and I saw this horrendous item about a 26 year old mother who left her two children while she was cooking on the stove. Firefighters came at 11:30 pm, the mother didn't show up until the afternoon the next day. It is the second time that her children were taken away from her.

Next up is a story in today's Globe about a coach (male) who is accused of groping his female basketball team.

I wrote here a few weeks (months) ago about a female teacher in Florida who has a long affair with a teenager who was underage, even going so far as to have sex with him in a truck while his cousin drove. The woman didn't receive any jail time just home confinement (supposedly the judge rejected this sentence however I haven't heard anymore about this incident).

Finally we all can't forget the story of the Letourneau woman who had an affair with one of her students, went to jail (had a baby), got out, had sex with the youth again, finally served her time in prison and then when she got out married the student who is now of legal age.

What do these stories have to do with anything? Well, they are all terrible stories (and there are many more) about adults taking advantage of youth. The reason I mention them is because Article 8/Massresistance doesn't report about any of these. They talk about one incident that was in the news where the abuser pleaded guilty and didn't receive any jail time. But because the abuser and the victim were the same sex it is, to them, more of a crime than the above crimes. They are very selective with the stories they highlight.

Brian Camenker is listed in the Agape Press (yes, they are so credible aren't they!) as a pro-family:
A homosexual teacher in Massachusetts who admitted to raping one of his teenage students and possessing child pornography has escaped jail time. A Waltham-based
pro-family leader says the case is yet another indication that most judges in his state are in league with homosexual activists.
Now Brian Camenker, and Article 8 for that matter, is supposed to be "pro family" what exactly are they doing for the family? Where are they spending money to actually help families? What causes do they support that actually supports families, and I'm not talking about gay families either. Every thing Article 8 does is about homosexuality, they don't care about families. They have not done anything which would even support a family with a mother and a father. They supposedly raise funds to keep their work going but what work is that? It's work to bring down the judges. Their money isn't going to actually people. Which family do you think is benefiting from the money that gets donated? Article 8 is definitely ANTI-family.


Veneer Remover said...

Thank you for this post; and please keep them coming. Touting itself as "pro-family" is the happy friendly veneer anti-gay groups like Article 8 use to make their message palatable to the public. (Kind of like David Duke in a suit.) The problem is that neither the public nor the press are willing to scratch that veneer to expose the real message, which is selective information marshaled to spread fear and hatred of GLBT people. That responsibility falls to bogs like this one to inform the public and keep Article 8 honest. Well, at least to inform the public.

Chris said...

You are RIGHT. Brain and Amy are not pro-family what-so-ever. They raise money to attack families, never spending a dime to help (even straight) families that need assistance feeding their children and heating their homes. Same with Mass Family Institute. It is such a crock of shit. If they really cared about families they would spend the thousands of dollars and lobbying power on health-care for children and support for needy families. Instead they attack gay people. They raise money to pay out-of-state petition gatherers to ban gay marriage while Mass families have starving children!! SHAMEFUL!
Then you have the gay people that actually donate way more than straight people to charities that actually HELP families in need. INTERESTING isn't it!

Anonymous said...

Is this typical for an average week? Are heterosexual male basketball coaches really this dangerous?

Within one week there are three heterosexual male basketball coaches arrested for sexual assaulting little girls, and one charged with DWI.

And then there's the flag-football coach...

Foreman fell through the cracks

School officials are still trying to figure out how one of their teachers, who was recently arrested on charges of attempted sexual assault on an 18-year-old female student last year, slipped under the radar.

David Allen Foreman, a special education teacher at Charlotte High School, was arrested Thursday afternoon after he turned himself in to the Punta Gorda Police Department


Jan 17, 2006 9:53 am US/Pacific
Woodside High Girls Coach Arrested For Molestation
(Bay City News) A Woodside High School girl's basketball coach is in custody on $300,000 bail after he was arrested last week for allegedly molesting a child, Karen Guidotti, San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney in Charge of Sexual Assault, said Tuesday.
Guy Hayman, 43, is charged with three counts of lewd acts upon a 14- or 15-year-old child 10 years his younger, and 40 counts of misdemeanor annoyance or molestation of a child, Guidotti said. He was arrested Wednesday.


Monday, January 23, 2006 - Updated: 07:08 PM EST
Brookline High coach arrested on assault charges
By Monica Deady/ Brookline Tab

The Brookline freshmen girls basketball coach, a nationally syndicated wine columnist, was arrested last week after several girls on the team alleged he touched them inappropriately during practice.

Monday, January 23, 2006
Rio Rancho JV coach pleads guilty to DWI charge
By GARY HERRON/Observer sports editor

Rio Rancho Mid-High ninth-grade Pathfinders teacher and high school junior varsity girls basketball coach Dominic Carrera has learned his arrest last summer was a costly mistake.

We need to pass a constitutional amendment preventing basketball coaches from getting married or adopting children before it's too late!

But to be fair, heterosexual male flag-football coaches molest children too. But maybe just because the little girl played basketball.

Published Saturday, January 21, 2006
1st-Grade Teacher In Jail for Sex
Glenard Antonio Chapman, 28, was arrested Thursday and was being held on approximately $35,000 bail, said Rick Wood, spokesman for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Chapman, a Biltmore Elementary School first-grade teacher, was accused of raping a student. The girl played for the Ribault High School flag football team, which Chapman helped coach last year, The Florida Times-Union reported.

The girl told authorities that Chapman was to drive her home after a Jan. 9 basketball game but instead took her to his house, where the alleged attack took place, according to police reports.


This "God Hates Basketball" discovery could be the biggest smoking gun since the discovery of the link between Global Warming and the number of pirates.

Anonymous said...

what would you expect from christians because during the middle ages they didn't believe that the earth revolved around the sun and they even banned science during the middle ages.