Tuesday, January 31, 2006

100 Klan Members Agree: Bob Knight Is Right!

Agape Press is promoting the following headline:
Pro-Homosexual School Posters Fostering 'Intolerance,' Says Family Advocate
I guess I would agree that it is fostering intolerance, OF HATRED. Can you believe these people playing the victim? There are/were many people in this country that believe(d) that letting African American's drink out of the same water fountain as whites was promoting intolerance too.

The story is about how a few teachers are refusing to put the sign at the left up in their classroom. I guess the teachers do not want safe spaces for all their students. Their refusal to post the signs already alerts their students that they are not in a safe space since the teacher already believes that the LGBTQ youth is disordered. (Can you imagine that teacher molding young minds!)

The "family" advocate who is "making this public" is the infamous homophobe Bob Knight of the "Culture and Family Institute". Bob comments:
According to Knight, the heated debate going on at San Leandro High is not about safety at all. "This is about bullying people and saying you will kneel down and bow to the Baal god of homosexuality -- or we'll make your life very miserable," he says.
No Bob, it's about protecting all the students at the school even the ones you want to condem to hell. Yeah, Bob knows a lot about bullying too, I think its in his position description.


Anonymous said...

The children need not be protected they need to be helped. They need help to be freed from the "gay" disorder that will ruin their lives. How can you be "tolerant" to a child that is breaking the rules? Homosexuality is an affliction that needs treatment.

Anonymous said...

"When a youngster tries this kind of stiff-necked rebellion, you had better take it out of him, and pain is a marvelous purifier."

James Dobson, Focus On The Family

Boo said...

You're absolutely right, first anonymous poster. Children do need to be freed of the disorder of Baal-worship. You can't be "tolerant" to a child that is breaking the rules by sacrificing other children in the flames of Moloch.

It's such a shame that all but five teachers in California worship a pagan Cannanite diety.

Boo said...

Just to clarify, somebody came on my semi-defunct blog with the assumption that my above comment was actually serious.

I'm a dyke.

It was sarcasm.

Teachers in California really don't worship a pagan Cannanite diety who demands child sacrifices.



Anonymous said...

Damn! After tonite I was ready to offer up one of my daughters..LOL

CrackerLilo said...

Boo, I got it. :-)

I actually think it's okay that these five teachers--and anyone else who agrees with them--chooses to fly the idiot flag instead of hanging these signs. The last thing a confused kid needs is to go into what they think is a safe space and get really horrible advice, or treated badly afterwards.

But maybe that's the Baal-worshipper in me speaking. :-)

Boo said...

Somebody on exgaywatch made a good point:

On the one hand, since the teachers are not "safe" then it's good they aren't misleading students into thinking they are.

On the other hand, if they can't do their job and ensure the safety of all their students, they should be fired. The classroom belongs to the school, and the school sets policy, not the teachers. If a teacher was pressuring Jewish students to convert to Christianity and saying they won't provide safety to Jewish students in their classrooms, they'd be fired immediately.

Boo said...

On a lighter note, check out Massnews' unintentionally hilarious Valentine's Day "truce" offer.


second article down. It's a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Boo is right. Today's MassNews is hilarious.

After all, any realist understands that that was true when Abraham led the Jews and when Jesus led the Christians.

I'm assuming this is the same Jesus who grew up speaking English.

As BostonBud has pointed out, MassNews and MassResistance seem to have lost all contact with reality. MassNews' description of gay marriage as a plot by the Lesbian Cabal (less than 1% of the population, but running the world) is brilliantly paranoid. Their suggestion we can end the gayy marriage debate by well, ending gay marriage and going back in the closet had me laughing uncontrollably.

Similarly, MassResistance goes on about the French fining a member of Parliment for hate speech, but quotes his "apology" rather than what led to the fine. She also blasts Matthew Patrick for being behind on his taxes, then nots in a footnote that he owed $29.35 and paid it.

Truthiness, indeed.

Anonymous said...

It just hit me. Amy Contrada is Emily Litella.

She's just older and meaner, so keeps forgetting to say "never mind."

Boo said...

"MassNews' description of gay marriage as a plot by the Lesbian Cabal (less than 1% of the population, but running the world) is brilliantly paranoid."

We bought secret-world-running rights from the Jewish Cabal back in 1996.

And I love how they only ever care about hate-speech laws when they're enforced for sexual orientation.