Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rehashing the Hate aka Clip Show

One of the commentators brought up a good point that is not talked about enough. Article 8 and Massresistance aren't just against same sex couples marrying, they are against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people period. Just look at some of the stuff they've posted on their websites:
Boston Globe Normalizing the Abnormal Again
Boston Groups Celebrate Depravity

PBS Brainwashing Our Children: Abnormal is Normal

Where the Slippery Slope Starts

"But we differ with Kurtz on where the slippery slope begins. We believe it starts with a legal and social acceptance of homosexuality. Once the legal and social barriers have been removed (i.e., sodomy laws are overturned, gay hookup billboards are allowed on city streets, and family supermarkets carry homosexual newspapers), there's no stopping the radicals from claiming their demands are all about "equal rights". If there's nothing wrong with homosexual behavior per se, they can portray any opposition to anything they want as a discriminatory denial of rights."

If you read some of these ramblings you really do see the hate and yet I'm accused of posting hate and lies by a John "I have no credentials except the Parent's Rights Coalition" Haskins:

Well, the brains over at the offices of SLIBEC (Sodomy Love Is a Beautiful Example for Children), the world-class constitutional and pedagogical think tank running the hate blog "MassresistanceWatch", have weighed in with a truly Jeffersonian masterpiece of constitutional jurisprudence.
I guess this is considered hate since it exposes the truth and leading by example is taking away people's rights and existence.

You'd think they'd spend more time cleaning their homes than dirtying other people's lives.


Anonymous said...

What have they done? They've set up a pigeon (David Parker) and blame it on same sex marriages, they hold a PR "event" about a "Little Black Book" weeks after is supposedly was handed out. They picket Tom Fineran's area and take pictures at an ex-gay conference. What have they really done for families?

Amy really needs to do some dusting too, that table is just disgusting, I guess she's proud of it. I bet her kids wrote that so she would finally clean it. Do you think they can use that 50,000 they collected to hire a house cleaner for Amy? With a house that dirty how could she tell someone was even there, I bet its a pig sty!

Anonymous said...

You're comment "You'd think they'd spend more time cleaning their homes than dirtying other people's lives" is poignant; and made me recall a consistent teaching from the gospel for us to look at our own lives before judging others. They all seem to get to the moral high ground by stomping over everyone that isn't as perfect as them.

Anonymous said...

Today's MassNews is very enlightening.

They start by suggesting that straight supporters of gay rights must all be secretly polyamorous:

A few of the biographies of officers of Gather mentioned wives and children of long duration. which caused some to wonder if this is an example of polyamory which involves "families" of multiple partners, usually two bisexual women and one straight male.

They go on to remove any question about their regrad for the truth, by demanding to know why the Massacusetts MSM is ignoring a National Enquirer story on Ted Kennedy.

Other than a terse few paragraphs by gossip queens Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa in the Boston Herald, the media in Boston has spiked the story first revealed by the National Enquirer about the existence of an illegitimate son of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Your first reaction, like mine, was probably to laugh (I spit out my coffee). But then it hits you - Article8, MassNews, MassResistance are all just 'phobe versions of the National Enquirer. Breathlessly written articles with little or no factual backing, designed to shock and tittilate. Throw in a few space aliens and you're done.

Rieux said...

Anonymous wrote:
They start by suggesting that straight supporters of gay rights must all be secretly polyamorous....

I think we're all used to 'phobes yammering about how GLBTs' sex lives are far more exciting than (I'm assured) they actually are. But this is the first time that I've seen a similar allegation made about us straight allies.

Yowzah! If MassNews is to be believed, I've totally missed the gravy train: all I've got is my boring old straight fiancee, when I clearly ought to have polyamorous bisexual women falling all over me. I blame my gay friends--they're obviously not inviting me to the right parties. What'll it take, huh? :-)

P.S. That MassNews article also theorizes that the crazy "Remove the Judges" resolution in the Massachusetts Legislature has been tabled because the powers-that-be are taking "payoffs" from "the mob" (who apparently believe that gay marriage will promote the cause of "worldwide prostitution"). It's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

What did MassResistance "take over" the Article 8 website. Camenker now refers to the Article 8 site as "MassResistance.com" and MassResistance as "MassResistance.net". There must be something afoot in Amy's house besides dust kittens.

Anonymous said...

Article 8 is now the "voice of MassResistance". My My did Amy pull off a power grab?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The "mob" theory is actually a theory of the granddaddy of all homophobs, Ed Pawlick. He brings it out every six months or so and dusts it off. Man, MassNews is getting boring. They used to be at least worth a good laught. They need a new scriptwriter. They must have one filing draw full of articles and they just go back and pull another out of the achives for Pawlicks so-called "news" website. Actually I think he has gone senile and they are just covering up for him.

Anonymous said...

Damn you guys! I just read the latest from Amy that heterosexual men can no longer be friends because the acceptance of homosexuality will make everyone think they are gay. Her male friends must be really insecure in their sexuality. I guess I can't talk sports with my neighbor anymore.....

Anonymous said...

ps - after looking at all the articles that Amy writes and posts on her blog I understand why her kitchen is so filthy.....
Just an editorial comment