Monday, January 2, 2006

Florida: The Sunshine State

There's a wonderful documentary out there called "We Are Dad". It's about a same sex couple who take in children that are HIV positive because the "straight" couples don't want them. It is both an uplifting story (the way these two men care for these children) and a heartbreaking one (Florida still refuses to let same sex couples adopt). The Dads are foster parents without the possibility to adopt any of the children they care for. I was reminded about this movie from an article about another family in Florida on the Boston Globe website:

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. --A 3-year-old boy died after his mother held him in a tub of scalding water as punishment on Christmas Day and his grandmother, who had custody, failed to get him medical care for a week, authorities said Monday. The mother had lost custody of the boy for previous abuse.

Broward County sheriff's deputies found Jaquez Mason with burns over 50 percent of his body after getting a 911 call Sunday morning. He was pronounced dead a half hour later. It was unclear why he was punished, spokesman Jim Leljedal said.

At least there are some good couples in Florida really caring the children. God works in mysterious ways.

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