Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thanks for the Great Job Sal!

Article 8 finally sent out another update (they must be busy will stuffing hate into all those envelopes because it's been awhile!) and its more of the same. They "out" House Speaker Sal DiMasi who was honored by a group at the Custom House Tower, essentially for doing his job, i.e., protecting the rights of minorities:

Last Sunday, DiMasi received their "Leadership Award" at a banquet at the fancy Marriott Custom House, for his "work toward marriage equality" and "faithful support of GLBT rights." On the invitation were the out-of-touch politicians, Planned Parenthood people, and others.
Click here for pictures, etc:
Mass. Speaker of House guest of honor at homosexual banquet.

This is the guy that runs our Legislature! Call him at 617-722-2500. Or email him at (tho don't expect a reply). Let him know that he doesn't represent YOU, and that you will do your best to get him booted!

Did you notice how Article 8 always ends with threats and intimidation? Boy, am I glad that DiMasi is my Rep. (Thanks for the Christmas card Sal)

And what's this obsession with the Custom House Tower too? It's owned by Marriott for goodness sake, oh, that's right, it's fancy and that's supposed to be expensive which means that gays and lesbians could affort to have the event there because they have more money which means they do not deserve the same rights as everyone else because they're rich, so stop same sex marriage now, I get it now.


Anonymous said...

Another question is what is up with "my age." What exactly do they do and what have they done... for anything? bleck.

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in the disclaimer at the end of the page:

NOTE: In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107,
this material is reproduced for non-profit educational
purposes only. For more information go to:

This appears to be an attempt to CYA over their reproduction of copyrighted material (although they don't seem to care about slander or libel).

How exactly does Article8 qualify as a non-profit? At best, they're a PAC.

Anonymous said...

Unless I totally mis-understand the law, non-profits are supposed to do NO electioneering and less than 15% lobbying. These two activities seem to be Article8's primary reason to exist.

Anonymous said...

In addition to the consistent verbal gay bashing!

Anonymous said...

Hey, they bash us straights who support the "evil gay agenda" too.

Anonymous said...

The Article8 Web site has conflicting messages on this. In their donations page, they urge people to contibute to their december challenge, then say:

Donations to Article 8 Alliance are not tax deductible and are completely confidential. Tax-deductible contributions to fund our research and educational operations (which also count toward the December Challenge) can be made by check to "Parents' Educational Foundation"

How does that work? Is the "Parents' Educational Foundation" the same as the "Parents' Rights Coalition" (the host site for the Article8 doantion page)? The PRC certainly implies that they're a non-profit, although they don't explicit say so on their donation page.

What is certain is that Article8 is a for profit political lobbying organization (which means their disclaimer doesn't apply and they're illegally using copyrighted material, among other things), which has a non-profit organization which shares the same fund-raising pool?


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Camenker always claims that he has been bankrupted by his lifes work, bashing gays yet they have all this money to be renting airplanes to fly over the state every day. They are also moving the names of their websites around. Camenker always controlled Article 8 while Amy ran MassResistance. Now MassResistance has become the controlling site. What do Camenker and Contrada do for a living anyway. Contrada can't work as she is constantly filling her blog with tripe all hours of the day.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, the planes are funded by the whackos at MassNews, not the whackos at Article8.

It may be a distinction without a difference. Amy Contrada wrote for MassNews for years and all the Web sites cross reference each other.

However, the Parents Right Coalition, Article8, MassResistance, and whatever the "Parents' Educational Foundation" is (Google turns up nothing besides the article8 and PRC sites) are clearly all the same people.

Anonymous said...

Research and educational operations? Does that mean Amy gets paid to read Bay Windows?

Anonymous said...

MassNews is actually distributing the PRC's "FistGate" tape. Now, I could swear the reason PRC isn't allowed to distribute it is it was obtained illegally. Isn't having someone else distribute it just as illegal?

Maybe one of the "homosexual lobbyists" Article8 and MassNews keep writing about need to contact the Attorney General?