Friday, May 12, 2006

Article Hate's Attempt to Close the Closet Door Fails Again

Well Brian Camenker is at it again, trying to take down the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth programs. In this carpetbagger's latest attempt at influencing the goings on in Massachusetts he apparently met with Romney's staff to "show them some pictures of youth" from last year's Youth Pride Parade.

These homophobes think that publishing some pictures of glbt youth on their website is going to shame them, "Good God! Eek, they're showing my picture!" Excuse me Article Hate, they're not ashamed of who they are. Go back to where you came from and shut up. Oh, take your video and digital cameras with you. You can also take back any other recording devices you carry around with you too.

Fortunately, their intimidation tactics failed and Governor Willard Flip Flopper Romney didn't even need the "gay activists" to call on him (like Camenker did). I guess he found out that the youth pride march and the youth pride prom aren't funded by taxpayer's money.

Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom insisted that the governor's office received no such calls from gay rights activists, but opted against abolishing the commission because ''the governor thought that was too harsh."

''Instead, we're directing the commission not to use taxpayer money for parades and parties and to refocus their resources on counseling and the development of strategies for the prevention of violence and suicide," Fehrnstrom said. ''That is in keeping with the original mission of the commission.

Commission backers insisted that Romney's ban on use of taxpayer money for parades was hollow because private money pays for those events.

Now you would think that the Governor would know what the State's money was paying for. I guess the hysteria that Camenker brought to the state house must have caught them off guard so instead of looking at the facts they just relied on the things he told them.


Marcie said...

Apparently Ms. Massresistance can't read because she says:
Gov. Romney reacts by taking steps to disband Commission -- but caves in to pressure from homosexual lobby. Instead, is asking gay activists running the commission to "refocus their resources." (Is this leadership?)
Yet the Boston Globe, which they link to states the following:
Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom insisted that the governor's office received no such calls from gay rights activists, but opted against abolishing the commission because ''the governor thought that was too harsh."
Those poor stupid people!

Mark D. Snyder said...

Great post. Queer Youth are NOT ashamed and they are a resiliant bunch!

jeff said...

Never mind that Romney actually proclaimed a "Gay/Straight Youth Pride Day" back in 2003. Now he doesn't even try to cover up his pandering to the far right.

Anonymous said...

The good news is Camenker used his 15 seconds of fame for one of his patented rants on homosexual activism.

The NECN reporter looked like he has having trouble keeping from laughing.

Hacktivist said...

Take a page from Brian Camenker's playbook. Say it loud, say it proud:

"We're must not back down!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, I just watched the video at NECN. Camenker is BUTT UGLY, no wonder he's irate. If I had to go around looking like that I'd be mad at everyone too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Camenker is shockingly ugly. That's why his claim to have become homophobic from hanging out at Sporters is so false. I know the manager and two long time bartenders from there. None of them recognize him. And they would...

Anonymous said...

Romney's behavior in this incident really calls into question his fitness for any public office. At least he finally made the right decision, but he should be embarrassed about being duped by Camenker and not checking his facts before his initial threat to destroy the Commission.

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know what the deal is with the Bay Windows story on this not mentioning Camenker at all?

Anonymous said...

The article mentions that the Governor's office wouldn't speak to Bay Windows.

Given the other source for Camenker being responsible, is Camenker, they probably didn't have anything to report.

Anonymous said...

I do love that even the Herald thinks Camenker and Amy are buffoons.

But the administration dealt with this bit of insubordination in the clumsiest of fashions. First mistake was taking policy advice from the Article 8 Alliance, whose claim to fame is a ridiculous effort to fire the justices who ruled gay marriage in Massachusetts to be legal. Romney’s chief of staff then called the commission chairwoman on Thursday and told her the panel was kaput. She called back a few hours later to say never mind.