Saturday, May 27, 2006

Half Full or Barely Empty?

The numbers look bad. The right wing nuts are all excited over the 900 Episcopal clergy that signed a petition asking the Bishops to “repent” for the ECUSA’s progressive views on homosexuality. WoW! That's alot of clergy! But then we did a little checking...

I guess it must have been one of the "900 clergy" who put out the press release because they seemed to leave out a little number. When you check the ECUSA’s website you can see that there are approximately 17,209 members of the clergy.

Oh my, 5.23% of the Clergy think the Church should repent? In case you’re looking for some context, 5% is the same percentage of Democrats that approve of the President’s job performance.

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Reverend Tom said...

Thanks for posting the statistics. Over the next few weeks, as the Episcopal Convention approaches, these statistics will be put to good use against the "wing-nuts".