Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

It's been two years since same sex couples started to get married legally and the sky hasn't fallen nor the earth stop spinning. There are over 8,000 same sex couples married and it is cause for celebration! And it stopped raining!


AJ said...

Happy congrats to the wonderful couples!! May you always have the rights that you have today!!

Anonymous said...

A friend made an interesting point today. As grade school children, we never understood the animosity towards Lincoln for mandating emancipation. Now, watching Article8 and MassNews and their obsessive ranting about Maragaret Marshall, I get it. Not the hatred, but what sort of people wanted Lincoln removed.

Standing up for what's right takes a lot of courage. There will always be small minded bigots like Amy contrada who feel other people's rights diminish theirs.

Truly a great anniversary.

bostonph said...

In related news, this article from the Baptist Standard, reveals a shocking secret - evangelicals are more likely to divorce.

"Born-again" Christians are more likely to go through a marital split than are non-Christians, according to a new study by the Barna Research Group.
___Using statistics drawn from a nationwide survey of nearly 4,000 adults, the Barna data show 11 percent of the adult population currently is divorced but that 25 percent of all adults have experienced at least one divorce.
___Among "born-again" Christians, 27 percent currently are divorced or previously have been divorced, compared with 24 percent among adults who are not "born again."
___Surprisingly, the Barna report said, the Christian group whose adherents have the highest likelihood of getting divorced are Baptists. The only group to surpass Baptists were Christians associated with non-denominational Protestant churches.