Thursday, May 18, 2006

We're Doing It For the Children

This just up from Mass "Family" Institute:

May 17 - Let's reverse today's infamous reputation
The day of May 17 will forever live in infamy (only in very sick individuals minds, for normal people it is either just another day or a cause for celebration) unless ordinary citizens stand up and make their voices heard. Today marks the second anniversary of the day Massachusetts started issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Today marks the day that Massachusetts became the only state in the union to allow homosexuals to marry. (Hmm...they're not towing the Article Hate/Massresistance line about illegal marriages)Today marks the decision of a Massachusetts court to endorse a relationship based on sexual preference.

Is this an anniversary we want to celebrate every year? (Well, if you got married on this day you will) Or is it an anniversary that we want to disappear into the annals of history after 2008? (Kris Mineau, even your pathetic amendment will not remove the marriages that have taken place on this date, or the 8000+ marriages that have taken place since May 17, 2004) This is the decision that we all have to make.

Over 170,000 Massachusetts citizens said loud and clear last fall that they want to vote on marriage, and allow the people to decide whether or not the state continues to allow two men or two women to marry. (That's not really true since some of the signatures were gotten through bait and switch tactics)The petitions have been certified, and the Marriage Amendment is now before the Legislature. They will meet on July 12 to decide not just the future of this Marriage Amendment, but also the future of marriage in the Commonwealth.

MFI is asking each of our supporters to stand up and be counted as a warrior in Massachusetts. This is our last stand. Don't let this be our Waterloo. (Ok, now they're starting to sound like Article 8, but I thought it was the Battle of Britian?)

While we need you to be active, we also need you to activate your friends, neighbors, and church members. We need a full court press. (basketball references, how macho! Call the CYO) Please contact Chanel (Like the perfume?) Prunier at today and ask her how you can help the effort. We have less than two months to put the necessary pressure on the Legislature to first assure a vote, and then to win the 50 votes we need to move the Marriage Amendment on to the next phase.

Please join us in this battle. Remember, that we are not doing this for ourselves, but for our children and the future generations. Let's relegate May 17 to a paragraph in a history book.

Chanel Prunier - Phone: 617-795-2667


What a tired bunch of bigots. "we are not doing this for ourselves, but for our children and the future generations" Riiiiighhttttttttt. Fortunately for humanity, the children don't see what all the fuss is about. Teenagers and young adults overwhelmingly support same sex marriages and diversity. Have you been to MFI's rallies or seen the people they bus in to the State House? Their average age is about 70 not 22.

I can almost bet some southerner said the same thing while blocking the school house doors and throwing stones.

We're doing it for the children.


CrackerLilo said...

May 17 is also the date when the Brown v. Board of Education ruling came down. Some people were upset about that two years after the fact, too. Some are still upset. I'm just saying....

Anonymous said...

"(Hmm...they're not towing the Article Hate/Massresistance line about illegal marriages)"

The correct expression is "toeing the line".

Anonymous said...

Bud, as a southener, I need to point out the better example was right here in South Boston. Amy and Brian and Kris' spiritual predecessors were the people screaming at school children over busing.