Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Four Jokers In a Suit

Mass Marrier has a great discussion on the suit brought by the two Lexington couples who object to their children even seeing gay families. I read through the lawsuit and while not being a lawyer, thought it was pretty lame. MM also captured my thoughts on their attorneys:
His attorneys, who brag about defending child abusers, pornographers and drug dealers on their Website, don't talk about their pro bono efforts. Perhaps they specialize here in anti-gay cases or perhaps only Parker-related windmill tilts.
Maybe no one else would take up their lawsuit? Anyway, he does a good synopsis of the case. I was surprised at one thing in the suit: the Parkers moved to Lexington in 2004 and it took them less than a year to cause so much trouble in a town that hadn't seen that much action since the Revolutionary War. What took them so long?


Mizrahi said...

Last night on Greater Boston, Emily Rooney had two Lexington parents. No surprise --- the parent (who is straight) who argued for King & King pointed out that: it's a fairy tale; the school has processes in place to review books before they are used; and that there are children of gay parents in the school system and have the right to see their families represented in a public school. The other parent argued that the book was objectionable because it portrayed the women has less than desirable, which caused the Prince to choose the man. What? That's their argument? Gay men have no exposure to beautiful women? Obviously this parent has never attending fashion week.

Anonymous said...

do you think it is possible that the Parkers moved here for that purpose and this was all mapped out?

just food for thought...

Mass Marrier said...

Thanks for the plug, Bud. These clowns keep handing us post material.

I missed the Emily Rooney piece. I hope they eventually put it on the GBH site. Was there more and did she come off as anti-gay, neurtral or something else?

I just have to start watching more TV. I miss all manner of such.

Flying Toaster said...


I keep wondering why they don't trade houses with someone who wants to live in Lexington. I'd trade in a heartbeat :)

Anonymous said...

If the Parkers didn't move to Lexington to advocate discrimination, they definitely planned out the "arrest."

Remember that Article8 put out a press release an hour *before* the arrest actually happened. David Parker insisted on being arrested (for trespassing), refused to pay a $25 bail, then insisted on going to jail overnight. He's a manufactured martyr.

BTW, the book the Parkers objected to was part of a diversity book bag. Parents were notified in advance and given the option of opting out. the Parkers did not do so.

They then demanded their son be removed from the classroom if *any* discussion of same-sex parenting occured, including a child mentioning their same-sex parents.