Tuesday, August 8, 2006

First Came the Tar Baby...

Now, anti-gay Gov. Willard Romney is joking about the Civil War:

``Governor Romney was clearly joking when he referred to the Civil War as the `war of Northern aggression' to an audience in Charleston," said Eric Fehrnstrom, his spokesman, who was at the event. ``Everyone laughed, because they understood he was using it in a humorous context."

Fehrnstrom described a joke that Romney recently made when speaking at The Citadel, the military school in Charleston.

Romney talked of baseball player Johnny Damon's leaving the Red Sox to join the Yankees. Romney told them that he and the audience have common ground: They both hate Yankees.

``It was just a passing reference," Fehrnstrom said. ``Everywhere the governor speaks, he tells a joke."

But not to be left out, he still talked (joked?) about gay marriage, stem cells and abortion too. I'm still waiting for his "jokes" about blind people, little people and disabled people since everything seems to be a joke with him.

UPDATE: There's a letter to the Editor in the GLOBE (8/9/06) about Romney "goofing"on the Civil War:
GOVERNOR ROMNEY claims that his reference to the Civil War as the ``war of Northern aggression" was a joke (``Aide insists Romney just being civil," Page B1, City&Region, Aug. 8). It was red meat for neo-Confederates, but an insult to the memory of the 18,000 Massachusetts men who died defending the Union. It's also false history: It was South Carolina state and Confederate troops that fired on the Stars and Stripes at Fort Sumter in April 1861, initiating the war.

Romney would rightly consider it an insult to his Mormon faith if someone asked ``How many wives do you have, governor?" and then tried to pass it off as ``a joke." Even in politics, some things are never a joke.


Abe Lincoln said...

Yeah ... because a war to preserve the union and end slavery was so funny. Did he mention that there's many of us Yankees that are ready to let the South go if they still want to leave?

Laurel said...

According to today's Globe, he even went so far as to hold a cocktail party. I thought alcohol was strictly forbidden for Mormons. If he'll fudge on his supposed deep seated religous beliefs (a topic he, an LDS bishop, will never broach in hard Christian SC), we shouldn't be surprised he punches the north-south bruise for laughs (and votes). We all know what Romney is against, because he wont shut up about it. Is he actually for anything, other than his rise to eminance? If he hates Yankeedom so much, he should quit his apparently onerous job. Campaign bumperstickers:

Anonymous said...

I think it's becoming harder and harder to believe Romney didn't know about the Tar Baby definition when he jokes about the civil war.

CrackerLilo said...

If I won the lottery, I'd pay a friend in Massachusetts to go to one of his speeches, take a microphone, and ask him that.