Sunday, August 27, 2006

Love Really DOES Make a Family

Massresistance is back to bashing gay families. In the lastest post which reeks of jealousy, they rant, raves and basically foam at the mouth about a same sex couple which was named "Parents of the Year":
What better way to hasten their utopian society than place as many children as they can get their hands on with "families" headed by GLBT same-sex couples? Who
cares if heterosexual couples have played by the rules and waited years on end with no adoptive placement?
Uh, NO. Our idea of a utopian society is where children AND families are safe from abuse, physically, emotionally AND verbally no matter if those families are headed by same sex couples, opposite sex couples or single parents households. The post neglects to mention that same sex couples usually take children that are not wanted by heterosexual couples.

If you read the real story you find out that the child was taken from a drug addicted mother was born 3 months premature and weighed 2 1/2 pounds when he was born. (Do they ever tell you the full story?)

The story of these men bring to mind the story of my aunt and uncle (in full disclosure, they are my aunt and uncle by marriage) This amazing couple adopts children that are not wanted. They were foster parents for a child born from a crack addicted mother, yes, the child was a crack baby that needed a lot of care. After they had the child for awhile my aunt and uncle were contacted again because the drugged addicted mother had another child (read another crack baby) and they wanted to know if they could care for another needed child. They said yes. These children are now going up in a wonderful loving home.

So when I hear about these men, who took a child no one wanted and are raising him in a loving family I applaud them because I know its not easy. What is easy is to point the finger and say:
Well, there are lots of heterosexual couples in their 20s and 30s dying to adopt a little child. But they are routinely passed over.
but offer no facts or examples just rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

If you listened to this weekend's MassResistance Radio, you got to experience the glorious irony of Amy Contrada complaining about words not having meaning in Massachusetts.

This comes from someone who regularly distorts and twists the truth to serve her own ends. Not to mention just leaving out inconvenient details. The article on adoption is just the latest example. I guess hate justifies anything.

Anonymous said...

I suppose Amy would have chosen Lou Beres' family over James and Stuart's family if she were adopted:

Summary: Head of the Oregon Christian Coaltion molested his daughter's friends, his sister-in-law, and his nieces and nephews. He "would use Vaseline and insert his finger into her vagina", etc. Has Amy been in that situation herself, even?

Molly said...

I just loved the article they posted today, about the girl in DSS custody who was molested by a DSS worker, and they're more concerned about the fact that the worker used to be in charge of a unit of preadolescent boys.

They focus on what MIGHT HAVE happened to the boys rather than what ACTUALLY DID happen to the girl.

I don't think they like females very much, really.

Father Ted said...

As per usual, I have no idea what Ms. MassResistance is talking about.

I had always heard that DSS had more children available for adoption than famlies.

Most couples want blonde hair blue eyed infants, rather than 12 year old kids who are in foster homes.

As for the Rev. Eugene Rivers problems at the Baker House,
I would suggest that the "minister" spend more time at his own facilitity and less time up at the State House speaking about the evils of civil marriage.

Father Ted

Anonymous said...

That's the beauty of the Contrada/Camenker Reality Distortion System (tm). Facts are irrelevant when you have stirring sound bites.

Just look at how the "Little Black Book" story has moved from the original story of one Article8 "volunteer" getting a copy and only noticing it after the event, to the current version where it was "distributed to hundreds of kids." Or the web of lies around both David Parker's arrest and whatever happened on the school playground.