Monday, August 28, 2006

Christian Coalition Leader Molests Underage Girls

I guess I must have missed this in Massresistance's latest update:

The longtime leader of the Oregon Christian Coalition and staunch opponent of gay rights admits in a newly released police report that he sexually touched three underage girls years ago, despite denials of such behavior to a newspaper.
Funny they didn't even talk about it on the radio show that bills itself as "stories you won't hear in the media".

Though, I'm a bit confused because Amy said this past weekend on the show that "Words didn't have any meaning" in Massachusetts yet it appears that the denials made by this Oregon Christian Leader had no meaning at all. I guess they would have only reported it if it was underage boys instead of underage girls.

In their lastest post they talk about the male staffer in Dorchester who was charged with the statutory rape of young girl. Interesting enough, the only parts of the story Massresistance highlighted are:

"he then offered her $40 to have anal sex"

"a lot of pain."

"He had been in charge of a Baker House program for preadolescent boys."

Go figure! They must have been too busy reading Bay Windows to notice the story about the Christian Coalition leader.

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bostonph said...

Off-topic, but why is a non-profit organization openly endorsing political candidates?

The list does make a handy guide to gay-friendly candidates.