Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More GOP Mis-Statements

Wow, it's only been hours since I posted about the Sen. Allen making a racist remark and now it appears that the Republican canidate for Governor, Bob Beauprez, in Colorado has chosen as his running mate a woman, Mesa County commissioner Janet Rowland, who referred to same sex marriage as beastiality. The Democratic canidate for Governor demanded the Republican drop Rowland from the ticket. But:

Beauprez campaign manager John Marshall said Rowland regretted the remark and has apologized.

"We all say things we don't mean sometimes,'' Marshall said. ''That's what happened.''

Ah, she said something she didn't mean, well do you think it's a step up from saying something you didn't know was a racial epithet? (oh, I guess I was wrong when I said that they weren't still targeting gay people)


Boo said...

Off-topic, Massresistance has come up with the best reason yet to oppose The Gay Agenda(TM): drag queens are smelly.

Anonymous said...

Romney appeared with Trent Lott today. Next stop is Bob Jones U, apparently. Can you say pandering?

Anonymous said...

To Boo: funny how you haters are the only ones sniffing others' hemlines. But I guess a juvenile approach like that should be expected from people whose brain ceased development at, what, 14?

Boo said...

You're right, anonymous. I hate people who think that The Gays are bad because drag queens smell. No I don't. I just think they're idiots who should be ridiculed at every turn.

I'm not the one who said drag queens are smelly, dumbass. That was Massresistance. Dunmbass. I was pointing out how incredibly stupid and deparate she was to say something that idiotic. Dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Boo, if you read your original post, you'll see how it doesn't necessarily come across as pro-gay. Either way, I was correct regarding your mental age. Having to rely heavily on "dumbass", which you can't even spell correctly, just proves my point. Ciao Chico!
p.s. And a double "dumbass" on you! Nya nya! Phtht!

Boo said...

Anon- if you read my original post, the (TM) would be a pretty major tip off. And if you're going to act like a dumbass you're going to get called a dumbass. And if you're going to get hung up on spelling in internet posts, you're going to get hung up a LOT. Take the stick out of your ass, laugh at Massresistance's inanity, and move on. And maybe don't be so quick to toss around charges of being a "hater" in the future.

runner said...

Um, I gotta agree with boo on this one. The anonymous above obviously misread boo's first post and didn't see the blatant sarcasm. Maybe he was tired or something. But then when he came back and refused to acknowledge his misstep -- well, I think his blind ignorance is apparent to anyone reading this thread. Except to himself, of course.

Sheepish said...

Back to the original topic:

Rowland said she had gay friends and doesn't hate gays.

"We all say things we don't mean sometimes," Marshall said. "That's what happened."

OK, so Rowland doesn't have gay friends and she does hate gays. I'm down with that.