Thursday, August 3, 2006

Top Colleges for LGBT Students & Allies

The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students was just released on August 1st. It lists the best 100 colleges and universities for LGBT students. I'm proud to say that I'm an alumni of one of the top 20!
This new guide profiles the 100 U.S. institutions with the top "Gay Point Average" on critical LGBT issues such as:
  • Gay-affirmative policies
  • Campus events
  • Queer student perspectives
  • Housing for LGBT students
  • Local gay hangouts
  • Gay-friendly support resources
  • Queer studies
To see the whole list you have to buy the book but here's a Top 20 list of the Best of the Best:

American University
Duke University
Indiana University

Oberlin College
Ohio State University
New York University

Princeton University
Pennsylvania State University
Stanford University

Tufts University
University of California--Berkeley
University of California--Los Angeles
University of California--Santa Cruz
University of Massachusetts--Amherst
University of Michigan

University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania

University of Puget Sound
University of Southern California


CrackerLilo said...

Hey, I wonder where Liberty and Regent Universities are on the list....

Kidding! Kidding!

Seriously, who'd have seen this coming ten or so years ago? Not me, and I could have used it then! :-)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Amy Contrada go to Oberlin?

I assume a hate filled screed is on the way there as I type.

theAguy said...

Hello Sports Fans,

I was fortunate enough to have graduated from a small local communications college. Our campus was so progressive we actually a support group for strait students.

Ami Man Contrada ( Can anyone confirm the rumor she once had a crush on the Till Tuesday lead singer?) is a proud graduate of Oberlin, I believe one of her male "off spring" is currently enrolled at the prestigious Liberal Arts school.

Brain Camenker, told me one night over a beer at Luxor ( he was there because he loved the cozy atmosphere and the fine Italian food that was served downstairs at Mario's) that Ami's first choice was Bob Jones University. However, she opted for Oberlin after she found out that their Undergraduate Camera Club was head and shoulders ahead of the Bob Jones "shutter bug club".

I hope Ami is back in the studio for this weeks edition of the Mass Resistance Infomercial. (The station has moved them to 10:00am Saturdays's. MR still has to pay WTTT $500.00 for the hour of a air time.

The last time I tuned in to the obscure frequency, AM 1150) Ami, was on holiday in Central Flordia. Which begs the question, why would anyone take a vacation to central Florida in July?