Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What's going on here?

First it was GOP Governor Willard Romney making a tar baby remark and now we have GOP Senator George Allen making another racial remark?

Of course, like Romney, Sen. Allen claims he didn't know it was a racial term.

The Washington Post is reporting that Sen. Allen's past in which he loved the confederate flag and kept a noose in his office is coming back to haunt him. Oh, Sen. Allen, like Romney, is also considering a run for president in 2008.

Americablog is also picking up what the Washington Post didn't:
Nice of the Washington Post to, yet again, ignore the fact that Macaca isn't just a genus of monkey - in French it's also a slur for dark-skinned people of North Africa, and George Allen's French-speaking French mother just happened to come from North Africa. No, that's not relevant to the story, but the genus of Macaca in Latin is. Uh huh.
It appears that since all the anti-gay amendments have been approved they're now onto people of color. How many times are we going to hear them apologize that they didn't know what they said was wrong? Wow, what a slate of officers we have in contention for the presidency, I can't wait!


Ryan Adams said...

Wow... that man needs to be thrown out of office. Hopefully the people of Virginia will see it, especially since there's a very viable Democratic candidate running against him.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently residing in Northern Virginia and am amazed at what voters in the rest of the state do. He will probably be elected. Despite sure loss in nearly all elections except local thousands and thousands of like No. VA voters stand in exceptionally long lines waiting hours regardless of the likely outcome. Even if we lose we are heard.

Wish us much luck.