Wednesday, September 20, 2006

All the Results Are Almost In!

And it looks like the candidates that Massresistance (or is it the Parent's Rights Coalition? They use so many different names!) endorsed didn't fare too well. The following is from Massresistance's analysis of the primary races in Massachusetts:

For the Senate (6 races):
None of Massresistance's favorites, who had someone running against them, won.
For the House (23 races):
Only 4 of Massresistance's favorites made it to the November 7th election.
Interesting enough, Sean Grant, who Massresistance/Article 8/Parent's Rights Coalition sent out anti-gay postcards for, lost to Mark Falzone who got 60% of the vote. Chalk it up to another politician who was "helped" by Brian Camenker's group. Can we also attribute Rep. Parente's loss to them too?

Additionally, Tim Murray, the mayor from Worcester, won a stunning victory even though he released this statement during the Mr. Hetero contest in Worcester earlier this year:
A statement released by Mayor Timothy P. Murray said the city he knows respects diversity, but also free speech. At the same time, "we must also vigorously exercise our own right to speak out and speak up and say we don't condone or support events which unfairly and unjustly target a group of people because of their sexual orientation," the statement said.
Good choice Massachusetts! We prefer people who are against discrimination! Here's hoping Massresistance supports more candidates in the Nov. 7th election!


Herb said...

Sorry this is not on subject but what happened to MassNews? I thought old man Pawlick retired monthes ago when they made a big deal about it. Now they say he is retiring again. They operate that website like a furniture store - one going out of business sale after another. LOL

Anonymous said...

Even better is this from the Globe:

MassEquality, which distributed 250,000 pieces of mail to primary voters, zeroed in on seats being vacated by two of the most vocal opponents of gay marriage -- Philip Travis of Rehoboth and Emile Goguen of Fitchburg.

In the race for Goguen's seat, MassEquality backed Stephen DiNatale, who won the Democratic nomination. The group also supported Steven D'Amico, who won the Democratic nomination to succeed Travis.

No wonder Brian hasn't posted his election analysis yet.

CrackerLilo said...

So glad they're not getting their way...

Anonymous said...

We slammed MassResistance and MFI in every race they got involved in!! Check out my analysis of the primary elections at

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Brian's letter to the editor in today's Globe? Talk about wishful thinking...

Result hardly a referendum on gay marriage

September 21, 2006

THE STARK headline of your Sept. 20 post-election article "Vocal foe of same-sex marriage unseated" (City & Region) seems intended to give the reader the impression that the defeat of state Representative Marie Parente, of Milford, was a mini referendum on the same-sex marriage issue. Is that wishful thinking on the Globe's part?

In fact, as the article itself says, the victor, John Fernandes, said the major focus was on ``pocketbook issues" such as property taxes and Big Dig spending. It's entirely possible that most of the voters didn't even realize there was a difference between the candidates on gay marriage. The Globe should save its editorializing for the editorial page.


bostonph said...

Not that I expected everyone's favorite hatemongers to be gracious in defeat, but this tidbit from Brian Camenker's election "analysis" pretty much sums it up.

Senate - Fourth Middlesex (Arlington/Billerica/Burlington)
61% D - Robert A. Havern, III, 35 Bartlett Ave., Arlington *****
39% D - Joanna Gonsalves, 16 Lexington St., Woburn

Pre-Election Comment: Another hopeless race. Havern is reliably pro-gay marriage. Gonsalves was just quoted in the Globe saying that she "unequivocally" supports gay marriage.

Post-Election Comment: Who cares?

MassResistance was utterly irrelevant in this primary. Unfortunately, the experience is unlikely to teach Brian Camenker, John Haskins, and Amy Contrada humility or compassion.