Sunday, September 17, 2006

Putting the Chic in Chicago

Hi All, I haven't posted in a week because I was at the Out and Equal Workplace Summit held at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Il. Let me just say that it was another wonderful experience. There were over 1500 people there representing a load of different public and private companies (Who knew Walmart was so progressive?)

I took lots of notes and I hope to share some of my experience with you all. I also met some fabulous and interesting people from all over the country. The whole event could be described as a diversity dream or homophobic's nightmare.

To top it off, the City of Chicago (who recently hosted the Gay Games) welcomed the conference with open arms. I had never been to Chicago so I never knew how beautiful the city is and how friendly the people are.

The Workplace Summit is being held in Washington D.C. next year. I highly recommend attending!


Laurel said...

next time brain et ami bleat about indoctrination of tender little children in the classroom, let them explain this:
is not indoctrination what evangelism is all about anyway? how dare they blame us for what they themselves feel completely justified (by god!) to do!

Anonymous said...

Brian inadvertantly gives MassResistance a new tag line in one of the show summaries:

"stuff you don't even want to know about the homosexual agenda"

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Jon Stewart tonight? They showed Paul Cameron (Amy's favorite medical "expert") to be every bit the homophobic clown Brian Camenker is.

Anonymous said...

Paul Cameron is the source of a large chunk of Brian's lies about homosexuals. He's also been kicked out of the American Psychological Association and denounced by the American Sociological Association.

Here's a decent article on him and his "research":

John Haskins loves to quote him as well.