Monday, September 18, 2006

A Skunk By Any Other Name Still Stinks

Massresistance/Article 8/Parent's Right Coalition is at it again and Chris over at Take Mass Action has caught them red handed. Massresistance/Article 8 et al sent out a mailer to Saugus voters in favor of candidate Sean Grant (click on the picture for a larger view):

However, they put the Parent's Rights Coalition name on the mailer instead of Massresistance or Article 8. I think Take Mass Action is dead on with his guess as to why they didn't use the Massresistance name:

I wonder why they decided to use the name "Parents Rights Coalition" on the mail piece attacking Representative Falzone. Is it because they know MassResistance is not taken seriously and is considered a fringe group by Massachusetts voters? Is that why they didn't want their name on the mail piece?

This from the same people that are accusing the candidates for Governor of not wanting to be seen in BayWindows.

This photo is all you need to know about Democrat Governor candidates Chris Gabrieli and Deval Patrick! Which is probably why they don't want you to see it... It appeared briefly on Bay Windows' online frontpage, with an article short on details of what the two men said at the GLBT forum held at Harvard Law School on Sept. 12.(Candidate Tom Reilly was unable to make the forum.) Then the article and photo disappeared from Bay Windows' online edition during the day today. Another article in Bay Windows, under "Pressing the Flesh," gives some more details of the discussion. (We guess that one of those campaigns demanded the photo and front pager be taken down immediately!

Of course the candidates were in a public forum and any news outlet could have covered it, besides the fact that none of the candidates for Governor have ever hid the fact they support GLBT civil rights. However we are supposed to believe the duo at Massresistance who hide in the darkness and who go on the radio and still refuse to give their full names. Yeah, they're trustworthy.


Anonymous said...

Never mind that the photo and article were ON THE FRONT PAGE of that week's Bay Window.

AND, you can *still* find it online by searching Bay Windows or Google News. Try "Deval LGBT"

Gosh, is it possible that Amy Contrada and Brian Camenker lied again?

Anonymous said...

As a tax exempt organization, isn't the Parent's Rights Coalition precluded from engaging in campaigning for or against any candidate for public office? "Massresistance" is NOT tax exempt, thus can support any candidate they wish. But since both organizations are pretty much Brian Camenker, Amy "Miss Massresistance" Mann-Contrada, and that super intellectual Bob Haskins, does anyone really believe that the PRC and MR funding are kept separate?

bostonph said...

Well, the site says it's the "New home of Article 8 Alliance and Parents Rights Coalition"

The PRC site still exists and just ignores the tax exempt issue. The site says:

Donations to MassResistance are not tax deductible and are completely confidential. Tax-deductible contributions to fund our research and educational operations can be made by check to "Parents' Education Foundation", and mailed to the above address,
or call us at 781-890-6001.

As I've said before "research and educational operations"????!!!!

It's fishy that they get sent to the same place.

laurel said...

Off topic, but just saw this at
"later this week, the Family Research Council will have its Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. Speakers will include Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee."

Anonymous said...

Falzone clobbered Grant. Parente got whooped as well. It just proves the people of this state are smart enough to recognize bigots no matter how they disguise themselves.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much all the candidates that Amy Mann-Contrada/Brian "oh man" Camenker labeled as "lefties", "homo endorsed", and "bad" won in their respective primaries yesterday. How many times will Brian say "oh man" on this saturday's show? Will "Amy from our office" cry? I just love how she won't give her last name on the radio, as if it's unknown who she is. Someone should spray paint some graffiti on a bridge along route 2 saying "HI AMY MANN-CONTRADA" since she apparently keeps a watchful eye out for graffiti along route 2 :) Did anyone else catch their "remedy" for cleaning up graffiti in Boston last weekend? :) HI AMY!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, where will MassResistance be claiming victory?

Joyce Spiliotis, John Fresolo, Paul Kujawski, Robert Correia all won, but they were all popular incumbents and Brian had something bad to say about everyone but Joyce.

It looks like all the other races went to people Brian had marked in red.