Friday, September 22, 2006

Rewriting History

Massresistance/Article 8/Parent's Rights Coalition is trying to rewrite history once again. In their lastest email they are trying to stay relevant even though that ship left port years ago. The email has their analysis of the primary election. Here is their analysis with my comments:
There were some great wins, and some disappointing losses.
However, the victories they list only appeared to be anti-gay incumbents (and a few anti-gay candidates who also ran against anti-gay candidates): Rep. Joyce Spilotis, Rep. John Fresolo, John Magovern (whose actual name is Robert Magovern but we didn't expect Massresistance to even get their candidate's name correct), David Singer (who ran against another anti-gay candidate) and Bob Thomas (who also ran against all anti-gay candidates). Strangely, they only list 3 defeats they list as "tough races": Rep. Marie Parente (who lost 41% to 59%), Sean Grant (40% to 60%) and Rob Marquis (16% to the winner who got 38%).
** The homosexual lobby's campaign NEVER mentioned their issue at all -- in their mailings, literature, or anywhere.
Hmm...check out my post from a couple of days ago, did you see Massresistance or Article 8 anywhere on the postcard they sent out? Who's being deceptive and secret?
** Pro-family candidates were also reluctant to talk about the same-sex marriage issue.
Why is that? Did they know that they would lose by an even bigger margin? Could it be that Massachusetts voters are WAY over this issue?
** Rep. Marie Parente's tough loss was NOT a result of the gay lobby's intervention!
Yeah, right! Can you imagine what they would have written if Parente had won? It probably would be the lead story on their monotone radio show on Saturday. "Oh man, Parente really showed those homo activists" And I thought it was VERY difficult to beat an incumbent! Read Brian Camenker's Letter to the Editor in the Boston Globe. (addition:) In the letter, Brian fails to state that he is the head of the anit-gay Parent's Rights Coalition, Massresistance and Article 8. Had they won a majority of the races I'm sure they would be singing a different tune.
** Challenger Sean Grant's loss to ultra-pro-gay Rep. Mark Falzone showed how desperate they get.
Yet in their "analysis" they say that Sean Grant didn't expose them (Equal Marriage supporters) or point out the differences between him and Mark Falzone. Sounds like like Sean Grant was a poor candidate if he couldn't even get his message out, correct that, it's the "homo activists" fault.
What have we learned? We believe that the homosexual lobby can be beaten even when they throw a huge amount of money at an election -- as long as the people find out the truth about where the candidates stand, and where the big money's coming from! (Remember the Joyce Spiliotis race last year? -- A huge win against the big money!) Secrecy and deception is their best weapon. The truth is our best defense!
First of all, the Joyce Spiliotis race was two years ago, not one. Second of all, THIS IS ALL THEY LEARNED? Secrecy and deception is our best weapon?! Who was being secret or deceptive? If you went to the MassEquality website anyone could have seen who they were supporting. Truth IS our best defense, that's why so many anti-gay candidates didn't make it. I suggest Massresistance start using it.

Oh, yeah. All their write-ins lost too. If you recall the last election, (correction and hat tip to Chris)Tom Sanicandro, ran a sticker campaign and won over another anti-gay Representative. Tom has no opponent this time. It sounds like his district is happy with the work he's done. Our candidates are well rounded and not just 1 note (anti-gay) candidates.


Mass Marrier said...

And in the vein of truth, Bay Windows has a race-by-race recap of the pro-equality victories. It is a good set with yours.

Thanks for letting the bad guys ridicule themselves here.

Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker failed to identify himself as head of MassResistance/PRC in his Globe letter. Do you think he's ashamed?

Ryan Adams said...

It was disappointing that Spiliotas won again. Let's hope another strong challenger takes her on in two years - she's one of the worst of the worst. I'll even have money to fork over by that point!

Anonymous said...

MassResistance has no idea what they are talking about. On the website, in their analyis they say
>>>>The gay money mostly went to several key races, including:...Rosemary Sandlin (Candara's open seat),<<<<
HELLO! Not only did they spell Candaras wrong but Rosmary Sandlin won in Keenan open seat!!!!
They just copied and pasted the EXACT wrong data from the Boston Globe!!!
Is it any wonder why the ALWAYS lose!

Anonymous said...

Hey check our MassNews's new and improved site! It's groundbreaking 'new' features include:
headlines! lifted from other sources

guess they're getting their moneysworth out of those new bargain basement interns.

Anonymous said...

re massnews: I miss the bizarre rants. It seems to be just links to worldnutdaily and right wing blogs.

Speaking of which, has anyone looked at hubpolitics? A couple of 20-something homophobes ranting about how much life sucks as a Republican in this state (and how much this state sucks). Why don't these people MOVE?

Laurel said...

Twee Vaders = Two Fathers, the Dutch video that's got righties in a knickertwist. It's very sweet. Take a look (it's subtitled for the Dutch deficient). I like the refrain "2 fathers, 2 real fathers"

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this video!