Wednesday, September 6, 2006

The Propaganda Wheels Are Turning

Massresistance is up to its old tricks. Like Chris from Take Mass Action said in one of the comments to a post on this blog:

The thing to remember here is that the day after the primary election Brian and Amy are going to be claiming victory over the "homosexual lobby". They will send out emails boasting that their anti-equality incumbents like Spiliotis, Parente, and Kujawski all beat their pro-gay opponents. They will call these races their victories; when in fact, the pro-gay candidates in these races don't stand a chance.

MassResistance has already started by saying that MassEquality is going door to door for the candidate challenging Rep Spiliotis - this is untrue. But by saying this, MassResistance will claim that they were able to beat the "homosexual lobby" in these races. The truth is that the gay lobby isn't even getting involved in these races.

Yes, they are setting themselves up to be the "David against the Goliath" when it comes to the Massachusetts political scene. But that's not all...

Massresistance is now doing it with this lawsuit that David Parker et al have against practically everyone in the Town of Lexington. They were ranting about a lawsuit even before it was filed. Lately they've been posting the "Lastest" scoop about the Lexington School Officials' 57 page motion to dismiss. Oh and do they rant and rave:
"Orwellian" is the only word we could think of to describe this. Is this actually happening in the United States of America? They re-define the process of pushing homosexuality on young children and attempting to normalize it in their young minds, despite the strong objections of their parents, in a kind of Alice-in-Wonderland language that brings to mind something like a North Korean re-education camp.
and also:
It is due around Labor day(a formal rebuttal from Parker's lawyers). After that, the next step is for federal Judge Mark Wolf to decide whether to (a) dismiss the case -- and thus the Parkers (and parents across the country) would lose everything -- or (b) allow it to stand trial. This is an incredibly important decision, obviously. We think it will come reasonably quickly after Labor Day. Our bet is that the trial will be allowed to take place, but that's just an intelligent guess. We have a lot of confidence in Denner & Associates, Parker's legal team, that they can successfully carry this through, if it's allowed to go to trial. Pretty scary stuff.
Of course it is VERY unlikely that the judge will dismiss the case. I believe a Motion to Dismiss is practically always submitted by the defendants to the court as part of the legal process but the threshold of getting a judge to dismiss a case is very high. I don't know all the legal mumbo jumbo but I think in ruling on a motion to dismiss, courts must accept as true all "material allegations of the complaint and construe the complaint in favor of the complaining party (Parkers et al)." Additionally, "courts have a predilection for allowing civil rights cases to proceed until a record is available to either support or negate the facts alleged. "

Needless to say the lawsuit will probably go forward because the court will want to hear all the facts displayed. I'm guessing that Massresistance will try and spin the court's decision as a victory against "homosexuality in schools" if the court does deny the Lexington school officials' motion to dismiss. We'll also see if Massresistance posts the real reasons for the denial but don't hold your breath!


Mikey said...

I'm not an attorney (is that a good thing?) but did read the motion to dismiss from the Arlington attys and it seems pretty reasonable. I think the right wing press would have a field day if the judge DID dismiss. By the way, the motion to dismiss is only about 29 pages; the rest are attachments but saying it's 57 pages makes it sound more dramatic. Let's see what the judge does and watch the fireworks!

Ryan Charisma said...

All the real troubles in the world and they're clogging up an already oversheduled, undermanned court system with thier crap? I, not only hope that they get their lawsuit thrown out, but that the judge lets them know what biggoted assholes they are and if they try this type of stunt again; they would be the ones to pay the price.

Boy, sometimes straight people are so selfish.

Justice Marshall said...

It's common practice to file a motion to dismiss, but rare that the defendant ever prevails given the very high standard. Boston Bud has it correct --- to win a motion to dismiss the Judge must find that even if all of the facts alleged by the plaintiff are true, that the plaintiff still has failed to state a claim. Plus, there's a philosophy that everyone deserves the chance to prove their case --- the proverbial "everyone deserves her/his day in Court". Unfortunately, if Lexington does not prevail, MassResistance and their fellow travelers no doubt will claim a big victory and fool their supporters, but then again, isn't that what they always do?

She Who Has Been Named! said...

massresistance just made my day. take a look at their latest: "Romney Strong on Islamo-Fascists, Soft on Domestic Homo-Fascists". yeah i know its nothing they haven't expressed before but somehow this twofer was just the pickmeup i needed: 1) they trash not-hater-enough-for-thou willard, and 2) they equate my power in the world with that of national leaders. wow! so now what this homo-fascist says, MUST go! who knew? so now excuse me whilst i go make up my own little list of executive orders...

bostonph said...

Truly a wonderful post. My favorite part is where she reminds us how Romney LIED to get the support of the Log Cabin Republicans.

She doesn't mention the lie, but does call the LCR 'the homosexual extremist wing of that ridiculous "open tent" party.'

Now we see the true tragedy of being a bigot in America. She hates the Democrats and she hates the Republicans... The people closest to her in world view are the Muslim conservatives, but they're well, you know, not like us . Even Ann Coulter is too liberal. Aside from those sensible WRKO DJs, who can she trust?

bostonph said...

Dang - completely forgot my on-topic post. Did anyone notice that all mention of the "FistGate" suit against Brian Camenker has been dropped from the MassResistance site? I only mention it because I distiuinctly remember MassResistance railing against frivolous lawsuits at the time.

I'm guessing that the last thing in the world MassResistance wants is for this suit to go to court. Among other things, it gives the schoolboard a forum for presenting the truth about :

1) David Parker's arrest
2) "the playground incident"
3) the depth of Brian's involvement in all of this

Anonymous said...

Foe those of you who want to get in on the ground floor of the wingnut propaganda machine, Massnews is hiring. Here's betting unhealthy obsessions with Brit Hume and lesbianism are strong plusses. A tendency to speak of yourself in the third person can't hurt...

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Anonymous said...

"Will match salaries of entry-level positions at businesses anywhere in the U.S"

meaning minimum wage?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think that means minimum wage.

Think about it. Amy Contrada got her start at MassNews. How much would *you* pay her?

Anonymous said...

The third person shtick they use in their "stories" is hilarious, but they really should consider using it more sparingly. When every other paragraph purports that "many" believe or that "many" are concerned or that "many" are wondering, it just calls attention to their exaggerative angle.

Anonymous said...

In another amazing bit of irony, in today's blog Amy Contrada actually has the nerve to accuse Eileen McNamara of intentionally distorting the truth. Amy also quotes Brian: "St. Fleur is a poster girl for the homo movement." You really couldn't meet less Christian people.