Monday, September 4, 2006

Will History Repeat Itself?

Take Mass Action has good coverage of Massresistance's latest email and their analysis of the political races in Massachusetts.

The best part of the post is where Chris talks about the election victory of Carl Sciortino and how Article 8/Massresistance contributed to his victory:

For 14 hours straight I stood in front of a polling place in Medford. The Ciampa campaign workers were handing out Ciampa stickers to voters. They were telling voters to place the sticker on the ballot to re-elect Ciampa and mentioning that "Carl is a fag". At one point a Ciampa poll worker started yelling at me. He called me a fag and asked me, "does Carl give it to you in the ass?" All of this took place in front of ordinary people going in to vote. It was the most contentious election day of my life.

I was handing out a pamphlet for Carl and telling people that they didn't need to use the stickers to vote for the Democrat because he was already on the ballot. The truth is that many people said to me that they had planned on voting for Vinnie Ciampa until they got the MassResistance mailing. Voters found the mailing offensive and hateful.

Offensive and hateful, hmmm...isn't that what Brian and Amy are always accusing others of being when they disagree with them.


Rieux said...

Seems to me that someone should save a screenshot of Brian'n'Amy's "analysis" to see how their favorite 'phobes (and the "bad" old gay-friendly candidates) do in November. It would be pretty nice to see most of the candidates that Massresistance gives happy green names get buried under electoral landslides....

Anonymous said...

One can only hope. You may remember Greer Swiston, one of Mitt Romney's hand-picked state rep candidates during the last round. She ran on a "family values/anti-gay marriage" ticket.

Word on the street is her people put part of the blame for her crushing defeat on her association with Brian Camenker.

She's now running for Newton Alderman at Large on a "balance" ticket. This time around she's doing everything she can to disassociate herself from MassResistance and Mitt Romney and redraw herself as a member of the party of "Kerry Healy and Abraham Lincoln."

People are learning. Brian and Amy are box office poison.

This doesn't make Greer any less loathsome.

Chris said...

The thing to remember here is that the day after the primary election Brian and Amy are going to be claiming victory over the "homosexual lobby". They will send out emails boasting that their anti-equality incumbents like Spiliotis, Parente, and Kujawski all beat their pro-gay opponents. They will call these races their victories; when in fact, the pro-gay candidates in these races don't stand a chance.
MassResistance has already started by saying that MassEquality is going door to door for the candidate challenging Rep Spiliotis - this is untrue. But by saying this, MassResistance will claim that they were able to beat the "homosexual lobby" in these races. The truth is that the gay lobby isn't even getting involved in these races.
The key is to look at the races where we have a chance to make a difference and pick up a vote for our side.
Keep your eye on what happens is the seats now held by our biggest opponents; the Travis, Goguen, and Carron seats. There are other very important races, but it is better to keep Brian and Amy in the dark. That is where the action is actually taking place.
But rest assured, MassResistance will still be claiming victory even after we clobber them in the primaries.

Anonymous said...

That is a common tactic that Brian and Amy use. They play up the activities of "the other side" and make it seem like "the other side" are putting all their resources into defeating a person "the other side" clearly has no interest in, then they proclaim victory. "We beat the Odds!, they had all this money, whatever!

They're trying to stay relevant in a state that wishes they were gone. Hey Bud, do you know if the states they're orginally from threw them out and Massachusetts took them in?

I can't figure out why they came here in the first place and why they are still here? Amy seemed to love being in a red state, what does a blue state offer her that she stays? Good schools? a good job for her husband?

Laurel said...

anonymous 9:14 AM,
i bet she moved to a blue because she was bored with everyone agreeing with her in Ole Red. she obviously thrives on generating hate, anger and animosity. can't kick up much dust when youre only singing to the choir.

Anonymous said...

It's not surprising she moved to a blue state; it's surprising she moved to one with so many colleges. Education is MassResistance's greatest enemy

I personally think we should do everything in our power to encourage them. They're like the Fred Phelps; having them against you is a sign you're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

I thought Truth is MassRessistance's greatest enemy. Well, after Reality.

Gotta love the conceit that Robert Paine would have not only opposed gay marriage, but would have linked to John Haskin's and Amy Contrada's ramblings on the subject.

Maybe they could hold a "Hate Has No Boundaries" conference.