Saturday, June 16, 2007

And Where Was Mitt?

It's been a couple of days since a SUPER majority of Massachusetts legislators overwhelming defeated the nasty anti-gay marriage amendment and what's happening now?

Ms. Massresistance, who is never at a loss for finger pointing, is already blaming both Vote on Marriage and the Catholic Church. One of the ridiculous arguments she makes is that the amendment lost because it didn't go far enough. She believes it should have voided all the marriages that have taken place since 2004. Well take away her law degree! O0ps, that's right, she's NOT a lawyer but you'd never know it since she's always giving "legal" opinions and advice on every law under the sun. I'm NOT a lawyer but even I know that you cannot put together a signature petition that reverses a Massachusetts Supreme Court Decision which is exactly what she would like to see done. (She can't be talking about getting a Massachusetts Legislator to file a bill because they couldn't even get a simple majority to approve former House Rep. & anti-gay activist Phil Travis' amendment.)

In today's Boston Globe we are also reading about how Kris Mineau (from the Mass Institute Against Gays) is going to target the 9 legislators who "switched" their votes:

Same-sex marriage opponents yesterday vowed to unseat four lawmakers who campaigned on a promise of supporting a constitutional ban but abandoned that
position on Thursday, helping gay rights advocates win a historic victory at the
Constitutional Convention.

Kris Mineau, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, said the legislators, two freshman Democrats and two Republicans in the House, would be targeted with opponents in next year's election.
Kris, while I'm not one to give advice to the other side, I'd suggest you try and hold on to the 45 you already have since you've lost allies in every election since you started this whole debacle.

Finally, where's Mitt Romney, the flip-flopper who was responsible for all those original marriages in 2004. No one saw him in the Commonwealth twisting arms and lobbying like he did in 2004 when he got all the GOP legislators to support the Marriage/Civil Unions amendment. Maybe he's come 360 degrees now supports Equal Marriage?

Finally, in the words of Evelyn Reilly of MFI on NECN Tuesday night when asked what she thinks will happen at the Constitutional Convention on June 14th:

Goliath falls!

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