Friday, June 29, 2007

The Color of Envy

Apparently still unhappy with her own life, Ms. Massresistance posts a long jealous rant about the wedding of one of Know Thy Neighbor's directors. Still going with her "conspiracy" theory, she links ex-speaker Tom Finneran, the married couple and Boston Herald writer Margery Eagan:

Came across an amazing column by one of our least favorites, the lisping Margery Eagan. This lovely little piece from May 18, 2004, easily missed in the surreal events surrounding the total breakdown of constitutional government in Massachusetts -- brings together convicted felon/former House Speaker Tom Finneran, Holocaust perverter/KnowThyNeighbor intimidator-in-chief Tom Lang, and Mizz Eagan, Boston Herald columnist.

For a group that "claims" that "Unlike them, we don't make things up or go after people on a personal basis." she can certainly turn that lie on its ear:

  • the lisping Margery Eagan
  • Holocaust perverter/KnowThyNeighbor intimidator-in-chief Tom Lang (did she forget that her "leader" Brian Camenker is the Holocaust denier?)
  • Lang's "wedding" was one of the first after the phony, illegal "gay marriages" began. He married his lovely bride -- oops, "husband" -- Alex, in a rose-bedecked church in Manchester-By-The-Sea. (What! no quotes around married? Just another childish attempt at trying to use misogyny to insult the couple. How sad she's still in denial)

Then the rest of the post just sounds likes jealousy because the happy wedded couple spent some money on their big day (which is another tactic of the kooky fringe right, convince people that these gays have so much money that they don't need rights, "see they're better than you".):
The "husbands" seem to be very wealthy and well-connected, the event complete with bejeweled guests, opera singers, and a mansion to go home to. (Has Eagan returned for a party recently?)

Me thinks someone's jealous that 1) someone, sometime, somewhere had a pitiful wedding ceremony and 2) that they weren't invited to this wedding.

Just a thought: If you're planning your wedding... You might want to rethink not inviting Brian and Amy to your weddings, they bring their own cameras (both digital and video!) and I heard they do a terrific Electric Slide!


bostonph said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the David Parker in Puerto Rico story on the main hate page:

As always, it's hard to distinguish what actually happened from what MassResistance wish happened (e.g. 20k people came out just to see David speak, yeah right). They still couldn't stop themselves from making fun of David's overweight interpreter. Bizarre.

Tom said...

Thank you Massresistance Watch for leaving out the part where Amy directs readers to a video of me and points out that I am the "chubby guy with glasses..."


Anonymous said...

It must be especially tough being Ami these days with no radio infomercial to prepare for she has resorted to reading three year old editions of the Boston Herald.

It is almost time for her annual vacation to Central Florida. Nothing like 7 days in Florida in mid July.

Doodle Bean said...

I also noticed that the wedding took place in 2004 (congratulations, Tom & Alex!).

So, I want to know what's going on in AMann's head for the past three years? Has she been fermenting the gall to its height of perfection? Has she just now noticed that Eagan was a guest? Is she finally over her apoplexy about Finnegan and can now speak for the first time? A court order has expired? What?!?!?!??

ATFS said...

I like how their photos and commentary show that the pro-bigotry crowdlet of 200-300 largely had to be bussed into San Juan. There's no concealing how much Christian Right and reactionary political help they had to rely on.

As a Lexington resident, I'd be fine with David Parker taking up residence there, since he likes it so much.... :-) But I do worry he may have to move on in rather few years. At which point his options for escaping gay partnership rights will amount to Russia, Nigeria, or Pakistan :D