Saturday, June 30, 2007

Week 6: Massachusetts Held Hostage...

from listening to Brian & Amy.

Yes, Virginia, it's been 6 six weeks since the last Massresistance: The Radio Show has appeared ANYWHERE! In 6 weeks they've missed talking about the Youth Pride March, the Parent's Rights Bill hearings, getting blasted by a Holocaust survivor, Boston Gay Pride and the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention. At least the GLBT mannequins are safe!

Because I've missed all those "Oh Man"'s and "bone chilling" descriptions my husband has taken up to using them when he goes through the mail just to settle my nerves. And of course we still miss that angelic voiced Amy with no last name.

Do you miss it? I know my life is not the same.


I'm lost said...

I'm not sure, but I think I saw Boston's most eligible bachelor C.J. Doyle looking confused and mumbling, "I was once a radio star."

Anonymous said...

Camenker and Contrada who????

bostonph said...

But wait! Our plucky hatemongers have expanded their search for a radio home:

MassResistance is working with a number of radio stations in Massachusetts to get MassResistance Radio back on the air! More details to come.

Given their distaste for the "man" (aka the police) I'm hoping they make a run at pirate radio.