Friday, June 1, 2007

MassResistance's 2nd Smackdown

Brian Camenker gets smacked down again, but this time by a Holocaust survivor. In Bay Windows we find that Camenker blames his distorted view of the Holocaust history on a Holocaust survivor Stephen Ross:

When asked about Camenker’s claims Ross told Bay Windows, “I don’t know anything about his organization,” and he declined to comment further, directing Bay Windows to speak to his son. Councilor Ross said he had spoken with his father about Camenker’s claims and that his father “was very upset that someone was hijacking, was misappropriating his good name to get behind something he does not agree with.

Councilor Ross added that his father told him he was not a member of MassResistance, but he said it was possible his father may have had a conversation with Camenker and that his words were distorted. “He was sexually molested [by Nazi guards]. So I think he could easily be preyed upon by a special interest group and has been in the past,” said Ross. In 2000, the anti-gay newspaper Massachusetts News published an interview with the elder Ross about being abused in the concentration camps, and the story claimed that Ross said that the Nazis’s opposition to homosexuality was a pretense to round up other groups like Catholic priests and that about 20 percent of the Nazi concentration camp guards were homosexual.After the article was published, Councilor Ross wrote a letter to Bay Windows accusing Massachusetts News of exploiting his father and of twisting his words. He said Camenker’s claims at the hearing were more of the same.

“Needless to say, the issue [of my father’s sexual abuse] is extremely complex, who he is is extremely complex, and for someone to prey upon him and get him to say something, perhaps in confidence, about a very difficult time in his life and to misappropriate that … is something that not only goes against who my father is and what he stands for but also borders on libel,” said Ross.

What a shame! Well, Brian Camenker did say on the Daily Show that if he had the time he could "find some ways of connecting the dots to gay marriage" on air quality, homelessness and crime rates so I'm sure the Holocaust is just a drop in the bucket!

I also want to paraphrase Ms. Massresistance: SHUT UP ALREADY to Amy (Mann) Contrada about the same sex marriages that have been taking place legally since May 17, 2004. You, Brian Camenker & John Hoskins are the about the only people in the state who are unable to grasp reality. No amount of posting "It's still not legal" or putting marriage in ""(quotes) is going to change that.


Anonymous said...

Bud, don't be so hard on Amy. I think she's jealous. She and Brian supposedly have "spouses" at least that's what they claim. She's probably jealous of Tom Lang and & his hottie husband because they do things together unlike her and Brian who are always found without "spouses" alone together. Is there even proof that they're married? Has anyone even seen a picture of their supposed "spouses"? Do they even exist or are they like Corky Sinclair's wife?

Ryan Adams said...

Lol - I guess I'm not the only one who noticed how attractive Tom's husband is =p

Anonymous said...

Over at the Blue Cess Pool, John Howard (one of David Kravitz' cadre of protected homophobes) is still ranting on about how the bill is needed.

This bill is just trying to stop teachers from indoctrinating any moral affirmation on being gay, because too many schools and teachers are very intent on turning out as many gay people as possible. The students that remain heterosexual are considered a massive failure on the part of the school administration.

There's no rational response.

Molly said...

"too many schools and teachers are very intent on turning out as many gay people as possible. The students that remain heterosexual are considered a massive failure on the part of the school administration."

What? No, really, WHAT?

Supposing for one farfetched and whimsical moment that this could even be true, what would be the point?

Statements like this prove to me that some people are really really insecure in their sexuality, if they think straight kids can be turned queer, by any method.

Yes, I believe sexuality is a continuum; yes, I believe in a certain amount of fluidity, but someone who's totally straight just isn't going to go gay. Won't happen. The opposite is also true.

People make me so stabby sometimes.